Apr 20, 2010

From the desk

by Amanda Sullivan

Twenty-five – that number represents the number of days I have before I turn my tassel and toss my cap, signifying the completion of my college career. It is surreal to think that in just over a month I will be ending one chapter of my life and starting the next installment, especially because in my mind I am still 18 years old and a freshman walking onto campus for the first time.

Four years ago seems so long ago and yet the time frame is not so distant from my thoughts lately. I came to this school with whatever I could fit into two suitcases, scared and dreaming of the possibilities. My parents are certain that my collection of junk hasn’t multiplied, and it will all fit in the car for the 24-hour trip home – Mom and Dad, I have a big surprise for you.

Despite my accumulation of stuff, I remember my mom hobbling up four flights of stairs to reach my room on East 11 in August of 2006. She was struggling because she had a busted knee – I promise I was not responsible for that. I’m pretty sure my knack for falling while standing still originated from my mother… thanks, mom. Luckily, some really awesome guys on student leadership had pity on me and my mom and carted my junk to my room for us. My mom still talks about how “nice those young men” were.

My freshman year, I was stressed out about studying for my GNED test, for which I learned there was no reason to worry if you went to class, which I did. That was the year that I started as a volunteer writing for the Champion and that was the year that I dreamed I would one day embrace the Rory Gilmore of Gilmore Girls in me and become editor in chief. That was also the semester that I saw TobyMac in concert for the first time and vowed to get an interview with him before I graduated. I even threatened my coworkers with impending death if they tried to take my interview – I was totally kidding… I think.

Now, with 25 days left in my college career, my freshmen dreams have been met. I had other dreams, but those two seemed like the most out of reach. In the process of acquiring a college education and working on my writing and interviewing skills, the opportunities that I had have superseded my wildest dreams. I have discovered the power of print and the impact it can have on the local community, whether it be good or bad. The experience is one I will never forget. Oh, and I interviewed TobyMac.

Every single time I think of the next month, my stomach develops this awkward, uneasy feeling. I mean, in one month I have to be fully self-sufficient and responsible. I am currently responsible for all of my own bills, but that security of being able to call my parents for help is beginning to feel childish, which is because it is probably a naïve notion.

I have an apartment with a roommate and some potential job prospects. I even used the skills I learned in CMIS 201 to create a budget in an EXCEL spreadsheet – complete with formulas and everything. Let’s just hope I set the document up correctly. However, my luck dictates at least one self-made error will eternally embarrass me. If I end up living on the street because my spreadsheet was wrong, I’ll let you know.

So I guess the only real “big girl” thing left to do is to hunker down, fight off senioritis for the rest of the semester and deal with whatever life throws my way in the coming months. Oh, goodness, this could be great inspiration for upcoming columns…

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