Sep 15, 2009

What’s Your (Blue Couch) Story?

by Cat Hewett

Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. introduced the blue couch to students at the end of the 2009 spring semester, and the couch is revving up for another semester to ask students, “What’s your story?”

Details are still being worked out about the blue couch’s re-launch this fall. However, the couch will likely be at the late night event Breakfast of Champions, where students will be able to get free breakfast food and share how Liberty has impacted their life, according to Mollie Yoder from Liberty’s University Advancement

“Everyone has a story,” Yoder said. “We wanted to give them a voice.”

Yoder said that the team wanted to use testimonies from students, alumni and faculty about how their lives were impacted by Liberty for marketing. The blue couch would be easily recognizable and has the capacity to fit a whole family, which has been done.

“You see a blue couch on the steps of DeMoss and it sticks out,” Yoder said.

The blue couch allows students and faculty to share how being at Liberty has helped them become “champions for Christ,” as Jerry Falwell Sr. intended.

“Your testimony should reveal what it means to be a champion for Christ, how Liberty impacted your life, ways you have lived out your faith, times God has worked in your life, where your career has taken you and how you have succeeded for Christ,” according to the “What’s Your Story” Web site.

The videos, which are filmed at different places around campus, are posted on YouTube and used in radio ads. There are already 49 “What’s Your Story” videos posted on You Tube featuring resident assistants, faculty members, current students and alumni.

The “What’s Your Story” campaign was launched internally, but the goal is for it to be from students for students, according to Yoder.

Senior broadcast journalism major Devin Olson has signed on to help with the filming that will start in late September and will continue with approximately two shoots a month.

“We are really interested in having students with a passion for video or film production to come help out,” Olson said.

Olson said that he and the University Advancement team are working to find unique locations to add to the long list of places the couch has already visited.

When the blue couch was first introduced at the end of last semester, graduating seniors comprised the majority of students who were interviewed and during the summer, faculty and staff kept the couch busy.

“It’s pretty cool because a lot of people have sweet stories of how they came to Liberty,” senior Resident Assistant Steve Thomas said. Thomas was one of the students who was interviewed during the spring.

Communication studies majors and other students who wish to help with filming or video production should contact Devin Olson at

For more details about the Breakfast of Champions event, visit

For more information about the blue couch follow thebluecouch on Twitter, join the “What’s Your Story” Facebook group or go to

Contact Cat Hewett at

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