Nov 10, 2009

Dr. T. Scott Garrett goes to Richmond

by Amanda Sullivan

Now that the recent local elections have come to a close, it is no secret that the media and citizens of Lynchburg are holding Liberty University students responsible for placing Delegate-elect Dr. T. Scott Garrett into office. We are quite proud and honored to be able to voice our opinions in the local elections.

Dr. Garrett, you trusted us enough to elect you, and now we are putting our faith in you to accurately represent us and Liberty University as well as the city. Although we like you and your values, we will not follow you blindly.

To most of the Lynchburg, students decided to vote in order to receive a day off from school. However, if you ask the students who voted they will give you a different story. The spiel would include the students’ desire to lower meals, lodging and gas taxes, support various conservative causes and not forcing Liberty to build various on-ramps and bridges, which it has been required to do in years past.

As evidenced by the comments on the News & Advance Web pages, there are many Lynchburg residents who do not believe Liberty students should have the right to vote locally, but they forget the city is actually one of the last cities to jump on this particular trend’s bandwagon as most cities across the United States, including those in Virginia, allow students to vote locally. Those cities are not blind to the fact that college students help to support the town economically. These commenters are not making a fuss about Randolph Macon students or Lynchburg College students casting their ballots. They have saved their ire for Liberty students.

My point is that the students have taken some heat for voting. Although we have been criticized, we do not mind as long as we know our faith in you was justified. You have earned our vote, but now you must keep our trust.

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