Apr 27, 2010

New group lends support to military spouses

by Kelly Marvel


Amanda Daugherty does not get to see her fiancée every day.  She does not even get to talk to him every day.  This may be the story for many engaged couples, but for Daugherty and her fiancée, it’s different.  

He was deployed to Iraq in August, leaving Daugherty behind until his term is finished.  She looked for a Christian support group to help her get through his deployment but could not find any.  So she decided to take action.

“I decided I wanted to start some sort of support group and I was really excited about it,” Daugherty said.

She founded Silent Ranks with a Vision (SRV), a new student group on campus for military wives and fiancées that need emotional, physical and spiritual support.  SRV is hoping to give these women the support they need through biblical discipleship, community outreach and missions.  Having the group will not only provide the women with a strong network, but will also keep them active and busy, said Daugherty.

“The best and most widely given advice I got from people was to stay busy,” Daugherty said.  “The busier you are, the less time you have to think about missing your soldier.”

The short term goal for the group is to get a group of women together during the summer that need the comfort and support of other military spouses.

“There are a lot of women, especially in the Lynchburg and Liberty area that are going through deployments right now,” Daugherty said.

Daugherty’s long term goal, however, is to couple her passion of missions with SRV.

“We want to maybe do a missions trip each year to keep them busy if they are going through deployments or to just help them to get involved in God’s work and see other ways they can get involved without having to be full-time ministry. (That) is usually really hard to do if you are a military spouse,” Daugherty said.

SRV held its first event on Saturday, April 17 with the help of Students Behind Our Soldiers (SBS), a group of students on campus that support members of the military.  The luncheon was the kick-off for the group to raise awareness to military spouses and fiancées in the Liberty community that there is somewhere for them to go.

“I really hope to get a community of military spouses established a Liberty,” SBS staff advisor Mandi Forth said.  “There will always be deployments, there will always be military spouses. They are always going to need a network that they can link together and be with each other to get through hard times and get through deployments.”

For more information, e-mail Daugherty at srv@liberty.edu. 


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