Apr 27, 2010

CR endorse candidates

by Tylor Overhultz


The College Republicans group on campus have named city council Republican candidates Hunsdon “H.” Cary, Ted Hannon and Don Good as their candidates of choice for the three at large seats on the Lynchburg City Council. The College Republicans are not an official group at Liberty.

The process of choosing the candidates who deserved endorsement was fairly simple for the College Republicans, according to their chairman Caleb Mast. 

“First, as Republicans, we endorse the Republican candidates,” Mast said. “Second, and even more importantly, these candidates will not continue the policies of the current liberal majority on city council.”

 “(The) College Republicans want this election to be about which party has the better approach to the issues and will represent all of the voters fairly on city council,” Mast said. “We want to see Cary, Hannon and Good put on Council because it will mean that the conservative approach of lower taxes and limited government is what the people of Lynchburg want.”

Members of the College Republicans have been lending their support to the candidates by participating in phone banking at the campaign headquarters on Wards Road near Jersey Mikes, according to the First Vice Chair of the College Republicans Zach Martin. 

“There is going to be a significant increase (in phone banking) and other campaign activities like encouraging our fellow students to look into the candidates’ platforms, handing out literature, introducing the candidates to students on campus and most importantly, working the polls on Election Day.”

The College Republicans will be working on Election Day to turn out as many of the registered voters from Liberty as possible to ensure they go to the polls and vote. 

“We have seen in the past that the vast majority of voters from Liberty turn out voting Republican, so we believe the more we can turn out, the better our chances for a Republican victory on May 4,” Mast said.

If the College Republican-backed candidates are elected, Liberty can expect to see the current restrictions on private property use by Liberty removed, resulting in lower costs for Liberty and better tuition rates for students, according to Mast.

“For the student body, this election is about choosing candidates who want to limit government control over private entities like Liberty University, “ Mast said. “Liberty has a better understanding of the needs of its student body than the City of Lynchburg, and should be allowed to make decisions on how to use its own property.”

Despite stipulations on whether or not the College Republicans and College Democrats can officially endorse candidates under Liberty University regulations, the Vice President of Student Affairs Mark Hine said that both groups follow the rules of the party under which they are chartered.

“(Liberty) does not have a dog in that fight,” Hine said.

The College Democrats have yet to back a candidate.

“We have not decided on anyone yet,” Vice Chair of the College Democrats Christian Rosas said.  “We are planning on talking to the candidates more and we also need to meet and decide as a group.”


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