Mar 3, 2009

From the Desk

by Amanda Baker

Ah, snow day. The day prayed for by students all over the nation, hoping that they will wake up to a blanket of white outside their window and a notice on the university home page that will read, “University closed due to weather conditions.”

However, most of them have given up hope around March, knowing that spring is right around the corner and assignments will still be due, no matter how many paper snowflakes are pasted to doors like lucky horseshoes.

But I guess some superstitions pay off. Liberty is experiencing the type of snow it does not know what to do with: the kind that sticks to the ground.

Because of this natural phenomenon, Liberty shut down on Monday and allowed students the rare opportunity to sleep in on a weekday.

However, as much as I would have liked to participate in this rare treat, I found myself sloshing through slush in my less-than-waterproof boots to come to work on the Champion. News never stops, as the old adage goes.

As I did my best to keep my footing on the way to the office, I had to chuckle at the elation demonstrated by other students over the mounds of snow. And by “mounds,” I mean maybe six inches. This made me laugh because, to someone who grew up in Alaska and is currently residing in Washington State, six inches is merely a dusting.

Not two days after I had returned home for Christmas break, my hometown experienced record-breaking snowfalls. The final measurement? Seventy inches in three weeks.

However, I understand that this is the South, and snow is a rare commodity for y’all, so I will try not to spoil your fun as you make snowmen named “Jerry Snowwell” and sled in plastic kiddie pools (yes, I saw a guy carrying one in the dining hall last night).

Just keep in mind that it is ok to touch the snow. I remember hearing a story a couple years ago about a freshman girl who called her mother to make sure it was ok to go outside and touch the dusting of white. I think she was from Florida …

Bless your hearts, y’all.

Anyway, enjoy the snow (in March, no less), and thank the Punxsutawney groundhog for seeing his shadow and granting us six more weeks of winter so we can get at least one full day off of school. Maybe we will end up enjoying two weeks of spring break instead of one.

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