Sep 9, 2008

Hollywood storms Liberty Mountain to film movie

by Emily DeFosse

Lights, camera, action! Hollywood is coming to Lynchburg … sort of. Part of an upcoming movie, “MAX VO2 — The Potential Inside,” will be filmed on Liberty Mountain this September.

Liberty alumnus Scotty Curlee is the executive producer of the movie “MAX VO2 – The Potential Inside.” Curlee graduated in 1997 with a degree in exercise science and business programming. Since graduation, he has received his MBA from Averett University, worked for a major pharmaceutical company and now works for Red Cloud Productions in the film industry.

According the film’s Web site,, “MAX VO2 is the riveting action packed drama that takes you inside the never before seen world of elite bicycle racing.”

Curlee said the idea for the film developed from his own interest in bicycle racing and his life experiences as a follower of Christ.
“You stick to the things that you know best, and the things that we know best are professional bicycle racing and pharmaceuticals, because those are the few areas I’ve spent a majority of my life in,” Curlee said

Liberty students have the opportunity to be extras in the film. Various racing scenes in the film will be shot at Peaks View Park Sept. 13-14. Another racing scene will be shot on Sept. 20-21 on the Liberty Mountain trails. The scene will be a part of the “Assault on Liberty Mountain scene,” which is part of the Virginia DeRailer Series.

Students are encouraged to get involved in all aspects of the race. Volunteering to help in the event may be counted as Christian service hours.

“Students can get involved — as many as we can get to enjoy the race or participate in the race. They are more than welcome to enjoy and spectate,” Trail Manager Lars Larson said. “If they want to come and get Christian service hours, they can come and help direct at different intersections on the course and make sure the riders stay on track.”

The movie is about more than just bicycle racing and the Christian faith, it is part of a new movement to produce quality Christian films.

“We are bringing in an international cast in which we have professional bicycle racers, and we are doing that with a theme that is faith based,” Curlee said

Curlee hopes that the impact of this movie will be global, since no other medium has the potential to reach such a large assortment of people.

“Changing the world through cinema is important because it’s a medium that transcends ethnicities and boundaries,” Curlee said.

“We’re talking about millions, possibly billions of people. There are not a lot of movements that can reach that many people across the world.”

Director of Marketing for Red Cloud Productions Lem Curran, is helping the film to reach those millions of people. According to Curran, the film has currently been marketed in 72 countries and over 2,000 cities throughout the world.

For more information on how to get involved, students can visit the film’s Web site at For information on how to earn Christian service hours e-mail Lars Larson at 

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