Apr 7, 2009

Meet Mihelic: Liberty’s new SGA president

by Mandi Forth

For one week, the SGA candidates debated, handed out flyers and spent time with students trying to encourage the student body to vote. When the voting was over, junior Matt Mihelic won the election for President of the Student Government Association (SGA), with Melinda Zosh securing vice president of student affairs and Taylor Webb
vice president of student services.

“This campaign was exciting,” SGA senator Jaden Horyn said. “Weeks of planning led to this, and to see the droves of people flood to Matt Mihelic told us our campaign message resonated with the student body.”

Mihelic has been accumulating leadership experience since his middle school days where he led a choir group, he then went on to serve on several different youth ministries and held an SGA position when he was at the University of Tennessee. Before he won the election, he was serving as a student senator, chair of the spiritual life committee and
doing some work on the budget committee for Liberty’s SGA. Now that he is president of SGA, Mihelic says that one of the first things he plans on doing is taking a long nap.

“This week has been absolutely awesome with all the activism and support of friends new and old,” Mihelic said. “I am extremely grateful and humbled by being chosen to represent the student voice. Liberty truly is a wonderful place with amazing people.”

The first bill as SGA president that Mihelic wants to see passed is a petition for more lighting near the dorms. Mihelic’s main campaign goal is to get the student body more involved in having a voice on pro-life issues. But Mihelic did not wait until he was elected president to make a difference. Mihelic recently proposed a bill to SGA that, if passed, would allow SGA to receive a budget that they could distribute to the campus student organizations. Mihelic said that he believes that student groups enhance the educational experience, so he wants to see SGA be able to help equip them with the means necessary to support their causes.

“I’d like to see SGA help out student groups. If this bill gets passed all of the way, then it will really help bring all the groups together and help them be able to do more for their different causes,” Vice President of Students Behind our Soldiers Laura Blankenship said.

Senior Kyle Kronenberger said that he never really heard anything about SGA the entire time that he’s been at Liberty. Kronenberger is graduating this May and said that he hopes SGA will be able to be more vocal and more active in its involvement with Liberty.

“I never even hear about SGA until the presidential elections,” sophomore Amanda Lovell said.
Desmond, who was also a candidate for SGA president, addressed this issue.

“Many students I have talked to have no idea what SGA is, let alone what it does. This is a serious issue I wish to resolve,” he said.

Desmond has been honing his leadership skills by serving as a senator for SGA. Desmond has also been a prayer leader and has led several mission trips throughout his high school and college years.

The other candidate for SGA president was Matthew McCain, who was running with Anthony Pamplin for vice president. McCain currently serves as vice president of Student Services for SGA and said he wants to attend law school and start a family after graduation.

The other two election winners, Zosh and Webb, both expressed excitement at the victory.

“When I saw the hard work of our supporters, and realized how much they were sacrificing for the campaign I knew I had a good shot at winning,” Webb said. “That being said, I campaigned against a very strong candidate in Anthony Pamplin, and I knew it would be close.”

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