Apr 27, 2010

Candidate Don Good

by Emily DeFosse

A native of Morristown, N.J., Lynchburg City Council candidate Don Good has spent the last 35 years of his life living, working and serving in Lynchburg. 

Good has 20 years of business experience in the construction industry, estimating and retail. He has also worked as an insurance adjuster and currently works for PET dairy, the primary supplier of milk for Wal-Mart, Food Lion and area schools, according to Good.  

Good serves as an AWANA leader at his local church and has coached youth soccer and wrestling. 

According to Good, he has spent the past 10 years working in other city council and House of Delegates races.  

“(It was) grassroots. (I would) introduce myself to candidates and to voters on the street, hang signs up — anything that candidates needed,” Good said.

Good lives with his wife, Sylvia, of more than 20 years and their three teenage children, Brooke, Kyle and Lauren. Good and his wife are both alumni of Liberty University, where Brooke now attends. His wife teaches at Timberlake Christian School where their other two children are in high school.  

When Good is not working or campaigning he enjoys traveling. 

“I’ve been to pretty much every state in the East except for Iowa,” Good said. “I was a college wrestler and I have never been to Iowa (the Mecca of college wrestling).” 

Good also enjoys the outdoors and sports. 

“I wrestled at Liberty,” Good said. “I like ultimate fighting and football … The Liberty Flames are really my favorite. I am a Liberty alum so I like the Flames.” 

Good is also a fan of the NFL, especially the Cowboys. 

One of the reasons Good was inspired to campaign for city council was Edmund Burke’s quote, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” 


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Q and A with Good


On improving the roads

I support the pedestrian crossing improvements between Wards Road, Wal-Mart, and the Target shopping area for benefit of all the Lynchburg community, including Liberty University.


On how many unrelated people may live in a single dwelling or share a single bedroom

There should be some flexibility.  The main issue today is to prevent an unsafe living situation, such as 15 people living in a three bedroom apartment.  Discernment is key, as well as adequate parking.   


On marriage

Marriage as defined by God should always and only be one man for one woman for a lifetime.  Period.  That is almost a direct quote from the founder and former chancellor of Liberty University.  I oppose any law that weakens traditional marriage in any form.      


On his relationship with Liberty

My family moved to Lynchburg so my father could study at Liberty University’s seminary.  My wife Sylvia and I are graduates of Liberty, our daughter Brooke is a sophomore at Liberty.  I would like to see Liberty continue to thrive and grow.  The growth of Liberty is beneficial for the City of Lynchburg economically, culturally, and from a community service perspective in our community.  


On campaign funding 

My campaign has been funded by private individuals, a few Republican elected officials, political party officers and small businesses that care about the future of our great city.   


On how long he’s been in Lynchburg

I moved to Lynchburg at the age of 10 from New Jersey, and have lived here for 35 years.  I lived briefly in Virginia Beach during the summers in college and for less than a year thereafter.  The mountains are here, and the ocean is just four hours away.  Visitors and those new to the area always comment about how friendly the locals are.  


On building community

I will work to represent all individuals and groups within the city fairly, and without bias or favoritism.   I believe it is important to be available to all citizens, so that I can understand their concerns and the issues that are important to them.


On Liberty’s CUP status

I think the CUP should be rescinded by city council for all landowners.  A tenet of a free society is private property rights.  Businesses know what is best for them, as do colleges, hospitals and churches.  One example of the CUP gone too far was the fact that Lynchburg College had to get a permit for a new batting cage for its baseball team.   


On long-term plans for Lynchburg and Liberty

I will work to lower the 11.5 percent meals tax, which is the highest in the state of Virginia.  I will prioritize the core services of government.  I will fully fund police, fire, and EMS services.  I will focus on water and sewer, roads and bridges.  There are five colleges in our city that provide sales tax to fund city services.  Elimination of wasteful spending should allow us to lower property taxes, which should also lower the rent on apartments.     


On his party affiliation choice

The republican creed includes limited government, the free enterprise system, fiscal responsibility, individual responsibility, and faith in God as recognized by the founding fathers. These are the foundations of the longest standing republic in the history of the world, the United State of America.  For that reason, I do not hide my political beliefs behind something as indistinguishable as the word “independent”.


On priorities for spending

As stated earlier, other priorities are water and sewer, roads and bridges, parks and recreation.  Privatize city services such as garbage collection, janitorial, vehicle and building maintenance, and landscaping through the competitive bid process.  Cities across the country and Virginia are saving millions of dollars and lowering taxes for the citizens.      


On moving the Ward III-4 polling place

The University of Virginia has two polling places on its campus and one across the street.  It would be fair for the Liberty community and the rest of Ward III-4, to provide a  polling location at Liberty University.  This would make it less of a burden on the rest of the voters as well as Liberty.  It is interesting that Democrat Tom Periello was elected to the U.S. Congress, due in large part to the votes of the UVA community.  Periello defeated a longtime incumbent Republican in a previously conservative district.  Incumbent Democratic Delegate Shannon Valentine was defeated by Republican Scott Garrett, largely on the votes of Liberty University students.  The result was a tremendous outrage by the Democrats, thinking that Liberty students should not be allowed to vote in local elections.  However, Liberty did not make the voting laws.    


On carrying out campaign promises

I have not made unrealistic promises to get votes.  The measures espoused by my running mates and I are not akin to reinventing the wheel, but are proven methods to improve government efficiency and lower taxes. 

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