May 2, 2006

Student injured in battle

by Joanne Tang, News Editor

Private First Class Robert Blanchard, former Liberty student, is recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., after being injured in . His injuries consisted of arterial damage to his lower leg and nerve and bone damage. According to a News and Advance article, a grenade exploded near the border of and .

Blanchard was taken to a military medical center in after leaving , and was transported to Walter Reed last week.

The damage sustained to his leg required three surgeries to clean  and he is able to wiggle his toes, according to the News and Advance.

According to the same article, Blanchard, 21, attended Liberty for one year, then joined the army in 2005. A Lynchburg native, Blanchard graduated from Heritage High School and attended Heritage United Methodist Church, where he was the president of the youth group.

His mother, Lisa Eberhardt, lives in Lynchburg, and his father, Gary Blanchard, lives in Appomattox.

“For his condition, he is in very good spirits,” said Whit Eberhardt, Blanchard’s stepfather, to the News and Advance.

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