Nov 11, 2008

Pastors smash lawyers for Turkey Bowl win

by Matthew Coleman

Williams Stadium held the first Law School vs. Seminary Turkey Bowl flag football game on Saturday Nov. 1. Dr. Ergun Caner and Dean Mathew Staver led their teams in a proverbial “clash of the titans” to prove who was the best on the field. The seminary conquered that challenge.

The law school started the first half off on a bad foot as Dean Barber slipped on the turf early on in the first drive and bruised his shoulder badly. The injury prevented him from playing the rest of the game.

To make matters worse, the law school offense was unable to gain any real yardage against the rock-solid seminary defense, throwing interceptions on its first two drives. The seminary was quick to capitalize on the mistakes and took a 20-0 lead going into the half.

Each team had a different offensive strategy. The law school focused more on a traditional style of running and passing the ball in the first half, while the seminary focused more on trick plays and lateral passes to confuse the opposing defense. The score at halftime showed clearly which style was working.

The second half continued much like the first half as the seminary team launched a 30-yard pass into the end zone for a quick touchdown making it 26-0.

From that point on, the game played and looked much less one-sided. The law school’s offense responded with a touchdown of its own, and its defense followed suit by scoring off an interception, making the score 26-13.

The law school defense held strong on the next drive and stopped the seminary in its tracks, allowing its offense to score yet again to push the score up to 26-19. However, this is where the potential Cinderella comeback story halted for the law school.

The seminary broke through the law school’s defense for one last time to seal the deal making the final score 32-19. The seminary took it in the end, but the law school went down fighting.

“The score board did not show how it really was in the game,” Caner said after the game. “We’re just fat, out-of-shape preachers.”
“It was an absolute blast,” Staver said. “(It) was good competition and bonding. Everyone had a superb time.”

The game also hosted a colorful commentary provided by senior Justin Kintzel and Campus Pastor David McKinney. The duo kept the crowd and the players laughing throughout the duration of the game with random jokes and jabs at the expense of both teams and the occasional crowd spectator.

Competition aside, the game’s driving purpose was charity. Each crowd member donated at least a dollar or more, and over $700 was collected at the end of the game for the Liberty Godparent Home. As this is going to be an annual event, the goal for next year is $1,000, according to Staver.  

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