Oct 21, 2008

Orphan's adoption a success due to LU generosity

by Danielle Talbert

Last spring semester’s Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW) changed the lives of a Michigan family and three Ethiopian children. Following David Nasser’s challenge to give an offering equal to the amount paid for a pair of jeans, Liberty students raised over $85,000.

The purpose of the money was to provide an adoption of three Ethiopian siblings who had been separated and put in different orphanages. These children would not only be brought to America, but also adopted into a family close to Liberty’s heart.

The Wolfe family, whose daughter, Kristin, is a Resident Director on East Campus, had been praying for a long time about adopting a child. Kristin was attending the SEW session on Wednesday in January when Nasser’s challenge to help these children caught her attention.

Wolfe immediately called her parents in Michigan to tell them she felt God wanted them to adopt not just one of these children, but all three.

“It was a family venture,” Wolfe said. She added that her whole family is excited to see God’s hand work in such a miraculous way. Wolfe’s 20-year-old brother and 15-year-old sister are looking forward to having three more siblings in the house.

Because of the ages of the children, it is even more of a miracle that they were able to be adopted. Many adoption stories are told of families adopting small infants, but these children are much older, which is another way the Wolfes are blessing the children. 17-year-old Aschalew, who was placed in an all boys’ orphanage in Ethiopia will be brought back together with his sisters Genet, who is 16, and Yeshalemush, who is 15.

All three children speak sufficient English, but when they arrive in the states, they will receive English lessons at home with their new sister, who is home schooled, before they may venture to public school, and maybe Liberty in the future.

The adoption was put on hold on the Ethiopian side while papers were being processed and the proper steps were being taken.

The Wolfes held their breath, hoping for a good outcome for the Oct. 17th court date, which yielded perfect results for the family. In a couple of weeks, Randy and Kathy Wolfe will be flying to Ethiopia along with their three birth children, Kristin, Brad and Bonny, to bring home their new children.

The Wolfe family is thankful for the donations and support they have gained from Liberty. In addition to the funds already received, Chancellor Falwell has offered a full scholarship to each of the students if they decide to attend Liberty. He has extended this opportunity so that the school can match the generosity of the student body.

“It is amazing to watch how the body is supposed to work together,” Wolfe said. 

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