Oct 21, 2008

Campus artists electrify audience

by Emily DeFosse

The lights went down in the Tilley Student Center Thursday night and the volume cranked up when the Campus Artist Series continued with performances by the Rory Tyer Band and SailSafe.

A crowd of students gathered around the stage and clapped to the beat as the Rory Tyer Band, an acoustic, folk-jam, alternative band featuring vocals, guitar, drums and cello opened the evening’s show.

Senior Rory Tyer is the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for the band. Sophomore Jason Cizdziel is the percussionist and sophomore Patrick Rush adds a distinctive sound to the band — the cello. Together the three band members combined their talents on Thursday night to play.

“I had a lot of fun,” Tyer said. “I think we did really well. People seemed to enjoy it.”

The Rory Tyer Band has been playing together for about a year, and this was its first experience playing for the Campus Artist Series.
“We’ve played in the dining hall a few times,” Tyer said. “We performed there last year for Thanksgiving dinner.”

The opportunity to play in the Tilley Student Center for the Campus Artist Series enhanced the band’s performing experience.
“I think it is really good that creative people on campus have the opportunity to play at this kind of venue,” Tyer said. “It is rare that we get to play anywhere with this kind of sound system and this kind of lighting.”

The show continued with the band SailSafe. The five-piece band consists of lead singer Kenny Smith, guitarist Ryan Connally, bassist Matt Hartman, pianist Courtney Lowry and drummer Kyle Marks.

“(The band plays) alternative, indie, very large, epic-sounding kind of stuff,” Hartman said. “We try to throw some good rock riffs in there too. It is kind of a plethora of everything because we all have different tastes.”

SailSafe has been playing together since April. The evening’s performance was the band’s on-campus debut.

“I actually think this is a great facility we just got here … this is honestly one of the best places in Lynchburg to have a show,” Hartman said.

According to Hartman, SailSafe will be releasing its new CD on Nov. 8. More information about SailSafe can be found on its Web site, www.myspace.com/sailsafe.

The band members were not the only people having a great time during the Campus Artist Series. The Tilley Center was full of students. Many were crowding up by the stage or sitting at nearby tables and chairs. Junior Kristen Riordan was on a couch with a group of friends who were all there to support the bands and have a good time.

“I love it! (the concert) I think it is awesome that we have a place that feels really chill and feels like a hang out that would be off campus but is still on,” Riordan said.

The next Campus Artist Series will be at the Tilley Student Center on Saturday Nov. 1. The concert will feature Josh Hughes. The Student Activities Office is still looking for one more artist to perform that evening. Interested students should contact Student Activities at studentactivitiesinfo@liberty.edu.

More information about the Rory Tyer Band can be found on the band’s Web site Myspace.com/rorytyermusic. For more information about SailSafe visit Myspace.com/sailsafe.


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