Sep 29, 2009

Seabird reaches the shore

by Tiffany Edwards

When the main act was announced, the crowd of students in the Tilley Student Center packed themselves elbow-to-elbow at the very front of the stage, screaming and clapping when the band that brought them all together walked onto the stage.

With a simple, “Thank you,” lead singer and pianist Aaron Morgan led Seabird in its first song for the evening. Fans in unison requested one more song after the band left the stage when the concert ended. Seabird returned with one last selection, and as soon as the eager crowd of students sang along with them, the band left the stage and met fans waiting for pictures, autographs and a chance to say hello.

After the band’s meet and greet, the Champion sat down with Aaron Morgan, Seabird’s lead singer and pianist (pictured at right), and Ryan Morgan, lead guitarist, to discuss the band, its fans, and their inspiration.

Where do you get your inspiration for your music?
Ryan Morgan: It started with our parents. We (Ryan and Aaron Morgan) were homeschooled, so we have a great relationship with our parents. They were really conservative. Growing up we went to a conservative Baptist church, but (our parents) were lovers of music. And despite the church’s convictions, they always listened to Led Zeppelin … the Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Who … classic rock (and) British music.

What were your expectations for tonight’s concert? Did you reach those expectations?
Ryan Morgan: We played here last year, and it was an amazing experience. We loved it. It was a much bigger audience, and it was really incredible. But people didn’t know our music then, and you could tell. But (even though) they didn’t know our music, they loved it. This year, I was fairly surprised to see people coming to hear us, and singing along with the lyrics. To see people singing along … to the music and enjoying themselves … was great. It definitely exceeded my expectations.

What is your vision for your band?
Aaron Morgan: Well, we definitely want to be the most approachable band ever. We don’t care about being the biggest band ever, but definitely the most approachable, meaning we want to connect with our listeners. We consider them friends and family really, because without them, we really wouldn’t be able to do it at all. So that’s a big goal for us, to be really transparent and really honest with people in the songs that we make, so that way we can tell a story people can relate to and make their own. I think that’s kind of opened some doors for us, as far as ministry is concerned, for non-believers, just making sure that we are writing songs that are exciting to all people … that don’t just appeal to Christians, but would appeal to music lovers in general. Through those songs (we) have the opportunity to create friendships with people who may not know about the Lord.

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