Feb 2, 2010

Changes made to improve RA selection process

by Trey Smith

As aspiring student leaders seek to move up the rungs of the Office of Student Leadership (OSL) authority ladder, they should be aware of some changes to the Resident Assistant (RA) selection process this year.

Voluntary training is now available to all applicants in mid-January, allowing them a chance to prepare for later evaluations, according to Vice President of Spiritual Development Dwayne Carson. Also, the RA host process has been extended. With the host process one week longer, applicants get more on-hall training with their own RA.

“The applicants are given a better behind- the-scenes viewpoint of the Resident Assistant position,” Associate Director of Student Leadership Danny Lamonte said.

The changes were made to ease the selection process.
“Our goal as the Office of Student Leadership is to provide our applicants with a thorough and fair selection process,” Lamonte said.

The changes will also allow each applicant to be prepared and more successful when they go into the interview process.
“An analogy that relates to this process would be when a professor provides his or her students with a study guide prior to their final exam,” Lamonte said. “The students still have to study and pass the test, but the professor has given them the best opportunity to succeed.”

When selecting RAs there are many traits that the OSL looks for.
“At the top of the list are a clear testimony of being a Christian, high moral character, a servant’s heart, teachability, humility, the ability to be an authority and submit to authority, diligence, discernment and a positive attitude,” Lamonte said.

Having a solid biblical knowledge base, being administratively sound and having strong people skills are someother traits that the OSL seeks in a potential RA.

First year Seminary graduate student and resident assistant Yodani Powell shared her experience in becoming an RA.

“It was a great experience that was made up of both difficult and enjoyable times,” Powell said, “I loved being able to learn about the girls on the host hall where I did my training, and feeling equipped to handle all the administrative things that accompany the ministry side of being an RA.”

Powell approves of the changes made to the selection process.
“Sometimes the more pressure you add to a process will help you see the real individual and make wiser choices about who to place in a position with such responsibility,” she said.

“It is hard to rate the level of difficulty in becoming an RA because on the surface, there is a lot that you need to know in the beginning,” Powell said. “You must have sufficient knowledge of the Bible, and good skills in dealing with people from a variety of backgrounds and maturity levels.”

The tasks often required of RA applicants forces them to step out of their comfort zones.

“Although it can be difficult going through the process, it is very necessary because as an RA you are entrusted with the well being of people’s lives both spiritually and physically, and you want capable people in that type of position,” Powell said.
RA qualifying starts next week.

“The OSL is committed to finding and selecting quality young men and ladies from whom other students can learn,” Carson said.

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