Mar 2, 2010

Falwell, Foster talk issues

by Amanda Sullivan

Liberty University students made their voices heard concerning hot-topic issues at the city council meeting on Feb. 23. The responses prompted Mayor Joan Foster to request a meeting with Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. to discuss the ways that the city could potentially help Liberty. The two met on Friday, Feb. 26 to air out the issues.

“She asked for the meeting. She wanted to remind me that she’d only been on city council for seven or eight years, and that she had approved most of the events that favored Liberty except for this polling place,” Falwell said.

Foster arrived at Falwell’s office with a list in hand, ready to discuss all the issues important to Liberty University.

“We went down (the list) one-by-one, and she is sincerely looking for ways to accommodate Liberty’s interests,” Falwell said.

Falwell said he was inclined to believe that Foster was genuine in her reasoning about the polling place.

“I really sincerely believe her when she said she didn’t like moving the polling places over to Liberty because it wouldn’t be centrally located,” Falwell said. “She wasn’t aware of the problems with the Church of the Nazarene until it was too late to add the Liberty sites back on the table. “

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