Mar 30, 2010

From the desk

by Amanda Sullivan

About two years ago a phenomenon swept the country, claiming the hearts of young girls, teenage girls and women, including moms, across America. The heart-grabbing event can only be attributed to one thing: “The Twilight Saga.”

Now, before I continue on, I feel it is important to inform you that although I am a fan, I am by no means a “twi-hard,” which is contrary to popular belief. I mean, I may own both movies, a board game and have a “Twilight” poster hanging on my wall in the office, I certainly don’t Internet stalk or physically stalk any of the stars — especially Robert Pattinson. In fact, most of the time I don’t even know who the Twilight stars are dating or not dating even though Taylor Lautner supposedly dated Taylor Swift, according to my News Editor Melinda Zosh. I am clueless as to what movies they are scheduled to appear in — unless it is the next installment of the saga known as Eclipse, which hits theaters June 30 (shameless plug, I know). Melinda tells me Pattinson appeared in the movie “Remember Me,” which just came out this month apparently. Not to mention my Assistant Sports Editor Jordan LoSasso is convinced that his relatives are part of the Volturi, and he believes that real vampires do, in fact, sparkle in the sunlight — he claims he sparkles in the sunlight, too.

So I may not be obsessive, but I know my Twilight trivia and will defend the series with all my might — unless I get tired of arguing with people, which rarely happens. Most of my Twilight arguments take place in the Champion office, where a battle of the sexes generally ensues, as the men are genuinely confused and slightly frustrated about Edward’s captivating appeal especially the way he sparkles in the sunlight. On the opening night of New Moon, I received several text messages from both Eli Overbey and Tim Mattingly informing me of their overall disgust with the film.

“Pathetic… I hope Edward bites you in the neck, sucks all your blood out and doesn’t love you!” Eli said in response to finding out that my friend Amanda Baker (the other half of Amanda Ballivan) and I were attending the midnight showing of New Moon.

Eli’s voice of contempt concerning the vampire saga is only one among several men — minus Jordan (he does have a girlfriend, though, so he’s off-limits). Men can’t understand the allure that the story holds for women, which in one sense is part of the appeal. For the most part, women aren’t entirely sure as to why they are attracted to the intoxicating Cullen family. In all reality, that is probably the main reason women find the series so interesting — because the characters are so mysterious.

Speaking from a woman’s perspective, I can also attest to the fact that another reason girls find the series attractive is because the men in the story are incredibly chivalrous. I mean, what girl wouldn’t enjoy having two guys so passionately in love with her that they are willing to risk their lives for her well-being? We really just want to know that you boys will protect us at all costs — of course, that doesn’t mean you can suffocate us by not letting us exert our independence. Yes, we know we’re complicated.

So really, boys, you only have two options: Join the bandwagon and read the books (because the movies don’t accurately portray the story line or characters) to discover what girls find so wonderful and become one step closer to understanding the female psyche — Relient K’s advice of buying a mood ring won’t work, just so you know. Or you can just continue to hate the saga and never fully grasp the bigger picture.

You decide.

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