Mar 3, 2009

Marketing team pushes forward

by Lee Sandy

Six students and alumni from Liberty’s School of Business are headed to New Orleans later this month to compete on the national level at the Annual American Marketing Association (AMA) International Collegiate Conference.

Out of nearly 50 universities from across the country, only the top eight finalists earn the chance to present their proposals before a panel of top corporate executives. These finalist judges will choose the best presentation, and the winners will get a chance to present their proposal at a conference session. Other schools making the top eight as competing finalists include the University of Arizona, Kent State University, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Wisconsin.

Professor Kendrick Brunson teaches Business 497, which is the class that sent their written proposal to the Collegiate AMA in early January after working the entire fall semester on it. He says this is the first time marketing students have had a chance to compete at the national level, and that this experience will be a major part of their resume after they have graduated. Brunson and Dr. Paul Young, head of the marketing department, select students who take the class in which they compete in the competition case study.

The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business will be Liberty’s biggest competitor, having placed first in the competition for the past three years. Brunson, however, is optimistic. Liberty has only participated in this competition for three years and has already made it to the national level.

Senior Lauren Doyle is doing the visual aspect of the presentation and is excited to see how far Liberty has come in the business marketing department.

“We’ve put together a dynamic team with Professor Brunson’s help,” Doyle said. “It’s great to see us advance this far.”

This year, the AMA Collegiate Case Competition requires participants to have a proposal for Kodak, which includes a positioning strategy, highlights target markets and has a complete integrated marketing communications (IMC) plan that will launch a “next generation Kodak gallery site.”

Senior Noah Barnett is looking forward to the competition because the group’s proposal will be presented in person before top Kodak executives. Barnett says the best part about it is that this is not just a competition.

“Our generation is one of their target markets,” Barnett said. “Our ideas could quite possibly be used.”

The presenting team will be made up of five students, one of which will be a facilitator who handles the technical part of the presentation. On Thursday, March 26 , at 8 a.m. Liberty’s team is first in line to present before the finalist judges and will be followed by the remaining seven schools. This gives Liberty a unique advantage over other universities according to Brunson.

Richard Sweeney, a Toronto native, says the other advantage of the team is that it is made up of at least three international students.

“Kodak is a very global company,” Sweeney said. “the diversity of the team gives us an advantage by naturally developing a creative edge.”
Senior Louis Shakkour is from Israel and has had his share of memorable moments already. While preparing with Brunson, Shakkour exuded confidence about the compeition.

“I think it’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever done for Liberty,” Shakkour said.

Rehearsals begin the week after spring break and a public rehearsal will take place in DeMoss 1076 on Tuesday, March 17 at 7 p.m. Students are welcome to attend.

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