Sep 29, 2009

Grad writes fantasy adventure book

by Lee Sandy

A new book is out on the shelves this fall, and it’s written by one of Liberty’s own.

Liberty alumnus, Paul Watson published the high-intensity, fantasy novel, “Protect,” which was released in July.
Watson said he always wanted to create a fictional world by writing, and when he came to Liberty in 2004 he decided to come up with a story of his very own. After a few long breaks between writing, Watson’s world was complete, and the world of Terra was born.

Characters in Terra of various alien races are identified in dialogue by six different fonts. For example, humans are in standard Times New Roman, darker races are in Gothic font, and “elegant” races are in cursive type. The book also includes a Lord of the Rings-style map of Terra.

“I want people to not only be entertained, but get something out of the moral and spiritual messages incorporated within the novel,” Watson said. “I should note, the messages I have in the novel are presented in ways that I believe won’t sound preachy to people.”

With help from Dr. Elmer Towns, Watson was able to find a publisher through the Christian Writers Guild’s Les Stobbe. He taught Watson how to contact publishers, and Tate Publishing offered him a contract in June 2008.

“I read the first three chapters and saw that he had a great talent,” Dr. Towns said. “Paul is very responsible; he took my suggestions and produced the book that we presently have.”

Traci Jones, a marketing representative from Tate Publishing said that the book is selling well after just two months of being out on the shelves.

“The target audience for ‘Protect’ is young adults, males, junior high to college age,” Jones said. “It’s for those who enjoy adventure novels and have an interest in the fantasy genre.”

Curtis Wrinkle, executive editor at Tate Publishing has enjoyed working on Watson’s novel and found it to be an easy and entertaining read.

“‘Protect’ is one of the best written fantasy projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on,” Wrinkle said. “Paul was a delight to work with and we feel the final result is a quality tale that a lot of readers are going to enjoy.”

Watson’s desire to write continues to fuel his imagination.

“I love creating stories and fictional characters and new worlds,” Watson said. “I love how I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen until I get in the story.”

Watson is a native of Raleigh, N.C. and is currently looking to get his master of communications as a Liberty graduate student. Watson also works as a graduate student assistant for the communications department.

The book is currently available at Barnes and Noble locations in the area as well as at Thomas Road Baptist Church, in the Main Street Lobby area. It can also be purchased online at

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