Apr 27, 2010

Fundraiser sends America's game to North Africa

by Kelly Marvel


Tim, a worker in North Africa whose full name and location cannot be disclosed for security reasons, noticed the effect of baseball on children and families.  Because of this, he decided to start North Africa’s first little league baseball team.

“Baseball, like jazz, tornadoes and apple pie, can attribute its roots to pure Americana,” Tim said.  “My own passion for the sport led me to consider its application here in North Africa.”

Tim met a group of Liberty students who visited North Africa on a Light Ministries trip during spring break.  One of these students, Scott Brodd, was extremely excited to hear of Tim’s plan and asked how he could help.  Tim told Brodd that the dream was there, but the equipment was not.

“I told him that I could get him a lot of equipment from back in the states and ship it over to him,” Brodd said.

Once Brodd returned from North Africa, he and a few other students who went on the trip worked to help Tim’s dream become reality.  They decided to start a fundraiser to collect equipment needed to start a little league team in North Africa.

“In (North Africa), there is no way for kids to purchase baseball equipment, because baseball is not a sport played in the country,” Brodd said.  

The children in North Africa are active and eager to learn new sports, so Tim knows that they will latch onto baseball.  He is looking for any equipment that can be used.

“As to needs, gloves of any kind and size, worn or new, would be great.  Some bats and balls are a necessity.  Bases for setting up a diamond would prove very useful.  Batting gloves to protect their hands from blistering may be good too,” Tim said. “And of course … a big bag of chewing gum and some of that black stuff to put under their eyes to look really cool would fit the bill.”

The students have been collecting equipment and are taking any donations that people are willing to give.

“I myself have already collected several bats, as well as balls and gloves, and as a team we are in contact with several little league organizations and schools in order to try to get as much as we can,” Allie Edwards said.

Tim is hoping that starting this baseball team will have a great effect on the people of North Africa.

“I would love to see the formation of a Baseball Little League here in North Africa, and to see parents, children and teenagers alike enjoy passionately the great American game of baseball,” Tim said.


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