Dec 2, 2008

One couple's engagement story

by Amanda Sullivan

The season of new life and budding romance is quickly approaching, turning the thoughts of students to all things shiny and sparkly regardless of whether the person is the recipient, the asker or a friendly face. The phrase “ring by spring” seems to be a staple in the Liberty University community. In fact, the late Dr. Jerry Falwell Sr. frequently made remarks about the girl-to-guy ratio on campus.

“Sixty percent of the people on this campus are female. I can’t do much more for you, guys,” he would often say.

With the lovey-dovey season in sight, the number of wedding proposals is growing. The creativity of how to “pop the question” ranges from simple to the roof top of DeMoss.

Liberty graduate Adam Miller asked senior Katie Morrow to be his wife on Oct.12 – exactly two years after the couple’s first date.

The night began with dinner at Outback Steakhouse. The dinner progressed smoothly. Miller’s reaction to Morrow’s request for dessert was the first indication there might be an alternative plan to the night’s activities, according to Morrow.

“He gave me a hard time about ordering desert, and I couldn’t understand why. Finally, he gave in, and we got delicious carrot cake,” Morrow said.

The couple had plans to go hiking after dinner, so they went back to Morrow’s apartment so she could change. However, while Morrow started to do so, Miller stepped outside to take a phone call. He returned and requested Morrow not change her clothes.

“I didn’t understand because he knows how much I love my sweats, and if we were going to go hiking at night, I wanted to be warm,” Morrow said.

Morrow’s confusion was intensified as Miller tried to rush her out of the apartment. He even shut her laptop in an effort to move her along. He grabbed her hand and said, “let’s go.” They got in the car, and Miller mentioned that he wanted to try something different for the night.

“My automatic response was, ‘Adam, I am not climbing any roofs tonight,’” Morrow said. “The only reason I said this was because he always tries to get me to climb and explore random buildings.”

Miller brought Morrow up to the rooftop of DeMoss where they had spent their first date. During his planning, he understood the building would be locked unlike the first time.

“…I wrote a message to Becki Falwell with my request and she hooked me up above and beyond with everything I needed to get the job done,” Miller said.

Miller had the top of the roof furnished with a white tent decorated with twinkling lights and a table filled with candles, chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling cider. As Morrow followed Miller up the ladder, she noticed a candle lit pathway that led to the tent.

“I laughed because this was the reason he didn’t want me ordering dessert,” Morrow said.

Across from the tent, Miller had set up a projector that read “Happy Two Year Anniversary.” As the evening progressed, Miller played a video he made chronicling the couple’s two years together. The video contained a phone call to Morrow’s father asking for a date with his daughter.

“It was during the movie I thought to myself, ‘Ok, this is it, the video is going to read at the end Katie will you marry me,’” Morrow said. “It didn’t. I laughed out loud at myself for thinking that.”

After the video, Miller asked Morrow to dance. Morrow said she could feel his heart beating so fast because of how nervous he was.

He went on to read a letter that he had written at 15 for his future wife.

“It was crazy how much it was about me,” Morrow said.

After he was finished reading the letter, he told Morrow for the first time he loved her, and asked her to marry him.

“In the first few weeks of dating, I asked him to save those three words for the day he really meant it because they were so sacred and so powerful,” Morrow said. “With my breakup before Adam, the biggest thing to get over was how that boy ‘stopped loving me.’ I needed to guard my heart this time around and Adam did exactly what I asked, he finally told me he loved me the day he decided to grow old with me. It was the most beautiful moment in my life.”

Miller and Morrow’s relationship was not the typical whirlwind sort of romance that seems to accompany Liberty students. The couple began dating in October 2006. Their first date marked the first time the couple spent time together.

“I took her to see the play ‘Parade’ that was put on at Liberty, then after we snuck up onto the roof of DeMoss where we just laughed and talked for a few hours,” Miller said. “We’ve been dating ever since.”
Unlike many relationships at Liberty, Miller and Morrow’s gradually grew into a dating relationship. Miller did not believe in dating unless marriage was a realistic possibility in the next two to three years. In fact, Miller said he met Morrow after he stopped looking for a girlfriend.

“I remember always throwing pebbles up to her window on the second floor of dorm 13 in the evening,” Miller said. “I always felt like that was such a romantic scenario until I looked around and saw about four other guys with pebbles in hand seeking face time with their Juliets, as well.”

The first summer the twosome dated was spent six miles apart from each other at various summer camps in New York City, N.Y.

However, because of their grueling schedules, the couple rarely had an opportunity to spend time together.

“As a result, we would write back and forth between camps and this was a time of real growth spiritually and in our relational discipline,” Miller said.

Miller’s relational maturity extended to knowing he would one day marry Morrow. He said he was open to marrying her on the day he met her. However, he never experienced a “lightening bolt” moment with which he knew she was the one he wanted to spend his life.

“It finally was getting to be time when this thing either needs to happen or not happen, so I just decided,” Miller said. “I chose Katie Morrow to be the woman I would marry. As soon as I chose, I knew.”


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