Apr 27, 2010

Candidate Brent Robertson

by Amanda Thomason

Brent Cameron Robertson is one of the youngest candidates to run for Lynchburg’s City Council, and has a great fire and passion pouring into his campaign.  

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Robertson has family ties to Liberty University and the Lynchburg area that brought him here in 2007. During these three years of residency, Robertson has actively participated in the political field.

At 20 years of age, Robertson gained great political experience working directly with campaigns for both Gov. Bob McDonnell  (Republican) and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (Republican) in 2009. Through these experiences, his desire to one day work in public office continued to grow. 

Robertson enjoys learning from history and previous presidents including Thomas Jefferson. His favorite quote comes from the wisdom of our previous president.

“A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government,” Jefferson said in his first inaugural speech. 

Previously, Robertson worked diligently in starting his own business, First Class Landscapes, at age 15 with his best friend, Austin Waddle. Mowing lawns is something that Robertson has always enjoyed, and the two maintained this business all through their high school years.

First Class Landscapes will be will be moving to the Lynchburg area at the start of the next landscaping season, beginning in March 2011. 

“There is nothing better than fresh-cut lawns,” Robertson said. 

Volunteering with community service maintains to be an active part of who Robertson’s life. He was involved in community service opportunities growing up and continues his dedication during his college years. CampusServe, through Liberty, is one of his favorite opportunities to help the Lynchburg community. 

Visiting the local nursing homes is another of Robertson’s delights. He enjoys the opportunity to spend time with those in the community, especially elderly people of Lynchburg that have vast knowledge and share such interesting life stories.

During his free time, Robertson enjoys playing soccer, cheering on the Dallas Cowboys and refurbishing old trucks.


Contact Amanda Thomason 

at ahthomason@liberty.edu. 

Q and A with Robertson


On improving the roads

Wards Road has been neglected for much too long. As a Liberty student, I believe Wards Road needs a serious makeover. I will make sure that Wards Road receives the public safety services and finances it deserves. Wards (Road) is the economic nucleus of Lynchburg. Timberlake Road after 4 p.m. is quite the parking lot. I would work with the planning commission to explore the possibilities of improvement traffic flow. 


On how many unrelated people may live in a single dwelling or share a single bedroom

I think the city needs to realize that there are 20,000 people between the ages of 18-24 of whom live in Lynchburg, most of which have unrelated roommates and are in college. I think the city should recognize these facts and re-evaluate the ordinance. I see no problem with letting more than four people live in a house together.


On marriage

Marriage is between one man and one woman. Government has no place changing the definition of marriage. Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice, voiding it from being considered a civil right to marry. 


On his relationship with Liberty

I am a student at Liberty University. No candidate in the race is as prepared to help Liberty more than I am.  Liberty is good for Lynchburg. Lynchburg needs to be good to Liberty.


On campaign funding 

A small group of individuals have graciously donated to my campaign. I am the least funded candidate in this race. Unlike every other candidate in this race, I am not supported or financed by any special interest group.


On how long he’s been in Lynchburg

I have lived in Lynchburg for three years. During that time, I have come to love the beauty of this area and the people who inhabit it.


On building community

As a Liberty student, I think that by voting for me, you can ensure I will be the agent of compromise between our school and the city. I understand Liberty better than every other candidate, and I, being a Lynchburg City Councilman, will know what is best for Liberty and Lynchburg.


On Liberty’s CUP status

I want to completely revamp the city permit process. The city permit ordinance in Lynchburg has over 100 sub-sections. It is entirely too complicated and infringes on private property rights. Some aspects of the ordinance are unconstitutional in nature. The current CUP will cost Liberty students $8 million if the permit process is not reevaluated. I will spearhead the action to make sure that Liberty will not have to pay this.


On long-term plans for Lynchburg and Liberty

I want to see Liberty grow, simply because Liberty is the biggest, most effective economic benefit to this town.  I will make sure that the city respects private property rights by allowing all individuals the guarantee that government will not tell them what to do with private land.

On his party affiliation choice

I chose to run as a Republican because I have always believed that smaller government, lower taxes and promoting prosperity through individual liberty are the foundation of America.


On priorities for spending

Honestly, if our local government focuses solely on mastering and fully funding these services listed, there will be room to lower taxes. If Lynchburg City Council promotes deregulation, business will flourish and jobs will increase.


On moving the Ward III-4 polling place

I have always been a proponent of granting Liberty students their own polling place. This benefits everyone by allowing students to have a much more convenient polling place and benefits the other residents in the city by having a much less crowded precinct.


On carrying out campaign promises

I will work tirelessly to make sure that ordinances and spending always encourage private business, institutions and growth. If a referendum is proposed where these entities are not being favored or promoted, I will vote against it.

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