Sep 23, 2008

Center4ME heads south of the border

by Tina Clark

Wednesday, Sept. 15 marked the kick off to Hispanic Heritage Month hosted by the Center for Multicultural Enrichment (Center4ME). During September and October a list of events will be held in observation of the accomplishments of Hispanics.

To get the celebration started, DJ Diego played a hype mix of Latin music at the La Prisa Latina (Latin rush) in the Reber-Thomas Dining Hall.

The next event on the agenda will be a movie night featuring “Bella,” scheduled to take place on Sept. 22. This will be the first year that movie night will be held in DeMoss 1090. It was moved to a bigger location to generate a higher attendance level.

Spanish Convocation will take place on the Sept. 29 in DeMoss 1114 during normal convocation hours. While Center4ME is not hosting this, it comes highly recommended by them.

Next on the list is La Vida Latina on Oct. 10. Spanish oriented restaurants have donated food for the event. There will be local talent performing as well.

Admission for this event and all others are free of charge.

These gatherings are being held in honor of Hispanics but not limited to just them. “The purpose is so that all nationalities are able to learn more about each other” said Jessica Driver, a member of the Center4ME team.

Those working together on this project are passionate about the vision and mission of what they stand for. “We want to create unity” said Driver. As she and a few of her co-workers stand around at the front desk of the Center4ME office, they all wore huge smiles while offering information about what they do.

Through Hispanic Heritage month and other similar programs, the Cultural Awareness Steering Committee works within Center4ME to cultivate an appreciation of other cultures among the student body. “We want to break down misconceptions. Most people don’t know about other nationalities which opens the door for them to misconceive” explained Dominic Davis, cultural awareness coordinator.
By hosting these festivities students are able to meet new people that they would not come in contact with on a normal basis. They are also able to expand their cultural knowledge. This would assist fulfilling the purpose of cultural awareness.

Center4ME does not limit cultural awareness to just nationally recognized heritage months. Along with Hispanic Heritage month there will be other months dedicated to American Indians (November), African Americans (February), and Irish Americans (March). There will also be several Japanese language workshops throughout the year as well as Unity Week.

To learn more about the Center for Multicultural Enrichments, students are able to look them up on the Liberty University website.

They also carry their own facebook page or they are able to stop by the office located in Dorm 20.


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