Nov 10, 2009

Students’ art displayed at Riverviews

by Cheryl Cooper

Students of VCAR 492 had the opportunity to display their art in a professional gallery.

Riverviews Artspace, located on Jefferson Street in downtown Lynchburg, hosted the third semi-annual Exhibit 492, Nov.
6 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Professors Sandra Slayton and Todd Smith were in charge of the exhibit.

Slayton and Smith both teach VCAR 492, a class designed to teach students for professionally prepare their work, as well as exhiting art to potential employers and the public The blending of both classes resulted in a variety of pieces, one of the most unique being a T-shirt. The artist, Danielle Fierro, wanted to do something she knew would be different from her classmates’ pieces.

The blue T-shirt Fierro entered in the exhibit was titled “Galatians 5:1” and featured the verse in different fonts on the front.

Another student, Rachel Kaz, composed a digital illustration piece called “Grasping for the Sky.” It was based on PowerPoints she had illustrated for a sermon by the same name at Brentwood Church, according to Kaz.

“I go (to Brentwood) and I do some of their sermon series slides,” Kaz said. “So I just kind of wanted to do something that would show … the limitless nature of God.”

Other pieces on display included a collage depicting young Princess Elizabeth I by Chelsea Easterbrook, and a book cover by Lindsey Bridwell for “My Neighbor
is a Monster.”

”The majority of our students are graphic design students,” Smith said. “But we also have studio art students. Really, it’s up to them to put in whatever they like to put in.”

Being displayed in Riverviews Artspace gives students the opportunity to feature their artwork alongside that of seasoned professionals. It also gives students the opportunity to witness by
talking about their artwork.

“(The T-shirt) is a good way to witness because … they can take it home with them,” Fierro said. “And it’s a good way for people to ask questions about Christ. And I knew that there were going to be a lot of unsaved people here.”

Whether Liberty students want to display their art for the purpose of witnessing, or for the joy of having their work appreciated in a public venue, Riverviews provides the perfect opportunity.

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