Sep 21, 2010

China to lift one child ban

by Abby Armbruster
For years, China has been responsible for population control in an extremely strong measure: allowing every family to only have one child. Now, China is re-thinking their strategy, since the strict ban has prevented 400 million births since 1979.

From the desk

by Melinda Zosh
When I was a little girl, I used to hide behind my mother when we went out in public. She could find something in common with strangers anywhere and anytime. I was too shy to talk, but I learned to listen carefully — a skill that has helped me as a journalist.

Pittsylvania woman to be executed

On Sept. 23, the commonwealth of Virginia is set to execute its first female inmate in nearly 100 years. Teresa Lewis, a Pittsylvania County native, was convicted by Circuit Court Judge Charles Strauss in 2003 for orchestrating the slaying of her husband and stepson in an attempt to collect $350,000 in life insurance.

BP oil spill: The hits keep coming

As the United States continues its war on marine life, the Vermillion 380 platform has become yet another casualty in the Gulf of Mexico.