Apr 20, 2010

Alpha Lamba Delta honors graduating seniors

by Kelly Marvel

Dressed in their best, the Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) honor society honored over 30 of their graduating members with a dinner banquet on Saturday April 17. The honor society has over 130 graduates this year.

The speaker for the evening was a former professor of psychology at Liberty University Robert DeLong. DeLong spoke to the seniors about life after college and how the milestone of graduation should not be the last educational milestone the students celebrate.

“Don’t let this (banquet) and don’t let May be the last thing that you do that indicates that you want to grow and mature,” DeLong said.

He told a story about the guest speaker in one of his classes at Liberty who said he never had a job because a job is something that is daunting or boring.

“Try to find employment that fits your personality so that you don’t work, you just enjoy doing it,” DeLong said.

He also advised the members that money should not be the deciding factor in their lives.

“Don’t let money be the focus,” DeLong said. “Having an occupation that when you go home at night you can look back and say ‘I really am glad I was doing was I was doing’ is really important. Money is not the end-of-all.”

To conclude his speech, DeLong challenged students to think about how they could use their education, money, time and talents to share the love of Christ wherever life takes them.

The graduates were then awarded their honor cords and certificates by faculty advisor Dr. Marilyn Gadomski and the current ALD officers.

Gadomski also presented the Maria Leonard Book Award. The book, named after a former ALD president, is presented each year to the graduating senior with the highest GPA. This year ALD had several graduates with a 4.0 GPA, so the book was donated to the library in honor of these students
Editor Alicia Whitecavage was presented with the Jo Anne Trow Award, named after a former national ALD president, by Gadomski. Whitecavage and two other members were nominated to the national ALD office to receive one of 25 scholarships of $1,000 each, and one of 10 $3,000 scholarships.

Senior advisor and former ALD chapter president Dominique Vidale-Plaza presented Gadomski with a certificate of nomination as the National ALD Advisor of the Year. Vidale-Plaza spoke of how Gadomski, as well as her experience with ALD, shaped her college career.

“I was never really into community service or even leadership at all until I got involved with ALD,” Vidale-Plaza said. “ALD has really changed my life, not just academically but spiritually and emotionally as well.”

She also thanked administrative advisor Bessie Grayson for her help in planning the banquet.

“It excites me to know that the scholastic achievement that they have here in their first year of college, and to maintain that and then go out in the world as champions for Christ,” Grayson said.

After the closing prayer, seniors gathered with their friends and documented the occasion with pictures and hugs, showing that being in ALD was a great experience in their years at Liberty.

“It’s a big deal to me to know that I didn’t just graduate but that I stood out,” Vidale-Plaza said. “I recommend ALD for all incoming sophomores, and they should join because it’s great.”

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