Apr 25, 2006

Get Avid software training

by Angela Franulovich, News Reporter
Anyone considering work in the feature film, television or network news production industries – or those with a calling to produce movies or television programs for evangelism or missions – may want to stick around campus for a few weeks after the spring semester ends.

Liberty will host a certified Avid software training course from May 20 to May 24. Avid digital editing systems are used in the final production stages of about 85 percent of all feature films. And with Avid Technologies’ purchase of Sundance Digital during April, industry insiders and stock traders across the country have speculated that Avid systems may soon capture the business of the entire network television industry.

“It is the premier editing software for motion picture and television, (and is now) the industry standard,” said Assistant Professor Lee Kendall, who worked in the film and television industry before coming to Liberty to teach video production.

The five-day course will cover digital editing and special effects, and according to the instructing organization, a certificate will be issued for Avid 119 and 129. Kendall said that knowledge of how to navigate in a Windows platform is a must, but that students need not have had exposure to Avid software in the past to complete the class successfully.

“It’s a very intense course, running for eight hours each day. The course will teach basic and advanced skills… (but) we will (start with) the basics,” said Kendall.

Kendall said he was excited by the opportunity for Liberty students to get in-depth training in the software.  Most Avid training courses are held at production studios or graduate schools with film programs, and enrollment in the courses is expensive.  Liberty students, faculty and staff, however, will be eligible for a savings of more than 80 percent off of the regular price, with a final cost of only $250 for the entire May course.

The class will be taught by John Lynn, a certified Avid Technologies instructor and industry consultant. According to Kendall, 10 spots are still available, but the class is also open to community members at a higher tuition rate. Anyone interested in attending should contact Kendall as soon as possible at lkendall@liberty.edu to secure a spot.

Contact Angela Franulovich at afranulovich@liberty.edu.

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