Dec 2, 2008

Frazee’s passion flows deeper than just basketball

by Brittany Watson

When Liberty students hear the name “Frazee,” the immediate thought springing to mind is the senior triplets who play on the women’s basketball team. Moriah, Molly and Megan each have hearts for the game of basketball, but they also have a heart for the Lord. It was Megan who was able to use both her love for basketball and her love for the Lord this summer as she went with Athletes in Action to North Africa, where her and her team played basketball and ministered to the locals.

When God opened the doors for Frazee to go to North Africa, she went with a willing and excited heart. The Lord had laid Africa on Megan’s heart, and she became thrilled when the opportunity to go presented itself. Naturally, she was also a little nervous.

“I would say I was a little nervous going into it. Africa was my first experience going overseas,” Megan said. “When I arrived to training camp, my nervousness was calmed when I met the girls who were going to be on my team as well as my coach. I knew that God truly brought all of us together for this trip to North Africa.”

Megan and her team also went to North Africa to play in a basketball tournament against Senegal and Mauritania. They were the first American team ever to go over there to play in a basketball tournament.

“The people over there thought that our team was from Chicago, so on the sign advertising the tournament it said, ‘Welcome to our guests from Senegal and Chicago,” Megan said. “We all thought that was pretty funny considering not a single player off of our team was from there.”

The part of North Africa Megan’s team visited was at least 98 percent Muslim. Although they could not communicate well without translators, God still opened up doors for the team to show the love of Jesus to the locals.

Megan’s whole trip was memorable; she got to experience a different culture and a different part of God’s creation. However, one story she remembers above all.

“One morning some of the girls from our team were getting their hair braided by a couple different women that were from the town.

One of the ladies that came told some of the girls that she was married and had not been able to have children but would like to.

After talking to her awhile, they asked her if it would be okay if they prayed for her. She said it would be fine and so they did. After the prayer the lady was crying and was so appreciative that we would take the time to pray for her,” Megan said.

“She happened to be a player off of the Mauritanian national basketball team; we came to know her after playing in their tournament.

She then told some of the girls off of our team that if she was able to get pregnant that she was going to name her baby “Chicago.”

How awesome is that? That story really showed me that the Lord can work in any circumstance and through anyone who is willing to be used by him.”

Megan and her team were able to hold coach’s clinics, sports injury clinics and basketball clinics for the people in North Africa. They were also able to show Christ’s love through community service by picking up trash and organizing a library at a local English school.

With North Africa being 98 percent Muslim, Megan’s eyes were really opened to a different culture. The Muslim religion requires serious devotion. Five times a day, every day, they are required to stop what they are doing and pray.

“The Lord really hit me hard in this area,” Megan said. “Here are people with such a passion to pray to their ‘god.’ What if they were passionate for the one, true and living God? The country would be forever changed.”

After the trip, Megan’s prayer changed to asking for the Lord to get into the hearts and lives of the people in North Africa.

Megan Frazee and her sisters started playing basketball when they were four. Their father was also their coach and he shared his love of the game with all three. Megan came to Liberty because she “wanted to go a Christian university and wanted to play basketball with her sisters.”

As Megan is half way through her senior year, looking back she says she has learned a lot from her experience Liberty.

“I have grown in my walk with the Lord first and foremost. He has taught me the importance of relying on him,” Megan said. “My freshman year I tore my ACL, which at the time was a huge upset for me. After reflecting on my experience I realized and learned things that I would never have other wise.”

Megan is open to where ever the Lord decides to lead her after college.

“I am open to God’s leading and guiding,” Megan said. “I know he will open and close doors to lead me in the direction he would have me go.”


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