Dec 2, 2008

Holiday help

by Tina Clark

Gifts sets include lotion and body wash from Bath & Body Works ranging from $10 to $12.50. Victoria’s Secret also carries keychain bags with lip gloss or mini perfume enclosed for $15.00.


Another was to save money on gifts is to buy small things and put them together to make a gift yourself. Creating gifts instead of buying one not only helps with budgeting but it also adds a personal touch.


Personal gifts may include purchasing a small gift basket available at any craft store as well as Michaels for $5 or less and filling it with small things catering to the recipient’s personality or lifestyle.


A “personality picture frame” is also an excellent idea with a personal touch. Simply purchase an inexpensive picture frame which can also be found at a craft store, Wal-Mart or any dollar store. Decorate the frame according to the recipients style. Include a photo of you and the recipient.

A more masculine gift idea would be to compile a car cleaning kit. The kit could consist of air fresheners, a towel, and some rim cleaner.


If you are looking to inspire a loved one go to any bookstore and pick up a mini devotional book, available for no more than $10 dollars. Put it in a beautiful bag and write a personal letter expressing the significance of that person in your life.

If none of these gifts are fitting for you, then purchasing a gift card is also a way to go. It is not as creative as some of the other ideas given but you can never go wrong.


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