Feb 2, 2010

Campus Praise Band ready to travel

by Emily DeFosse

Liberty’s Campus Praise Band released a new CD entitled “One” Wednesday, Jan. 28 at Campus Church. Campus Worship Pastor David McKinney and band member Justin Kintzel produced the CD, which was recorded live during Wednesday night Campus Church services throughout the Spring 2009 semester.

“We didn’t tell the students (about the recording),” McKinney said. “The idea was we wanted to capture what was happening on Wednesday nights because there was something so special.”

According to McKinney, he and Kintzel took time over last summer to go through every recording and pick out the songs that they wanted to use for the CD.

Thirteen songs made the final cut. Liberty students or alumni wrote four of the songs. Kintzel wrote “You Saved Me” and “Bless the Lord” was written by Travis Doucette, “Make Us One” was written by Lauren Boyd Gaillard and McKinney wrote “The Only God.”

According to Kintzel, it took a full week of sitting and listening to the recordings before he and McKinney could decide which songs would make the cut.

“There were so many great moments,” Kintzel said.

One particular night, which has been dubbed “crazy worship night” by Kintzel and McKinney, had many great moments that wound up on the CD.

“Caner didn’t preach that night,” McKinney said. “The spirit was just incredible and we had only planned about four songs. We did about an hour and a half of music that night.”

McKinney credits God with the timing of that crazy worship night and the use of many songs from that night on the CD.

“I remember specifically that night (in the praise band Bible study) we spent a lot of time praying for humility and that God would use that humility to provide unity in our team and in our school. Now we have an album called ‘One,’” McKinney said.

“We landed on the title ‘One’ because we wanted to convey unity,” Kintzel said. “We are one body, worshiping one God, as one audience. There is not really a song called ‘One’ on the album, it has to do with the unity of the body.”

McKinney wanted to ensure the students that this album is for them, so that they can take Liberty’s worship wherever they go. It is not about making money because the praise band makes no money from their sales.

“(The money) goes into the same pot that your tithes and offerings go into.”

The CD sells at convocation and in the bookstore for $15 and will be sold on iTunes for a cheaper price in the near future.

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