Apr 4, 2006

Students go abroad for spring break

by Joanne Tang, Asst. News Editor

While some students were packing a duffel bag for a week away, some at Liberty were packing passports. This spring break, more than 300 students traveled abroad with Light Ministries, the history department and Dr. Ergun Caner, who took 250 students to Israel. More than 70 students traveled with Light Ministries to locations such as Santa Fe, Argentina, Leipzig, Germany and Southeast Asia and the history department hosted a week in Paris and Brussels, where students visited the European Union headquarters.        

While in Argentina, students interacted with children at an orphanage and sang songs with them. Campus pastor Dwayne Carson and his wife Donita led the trip, as they have done for the past five years. Aside from visiting Santa Fe, the 23 students, staff and faculty who went were able to take in the sights and sounds of Buenos Aires. The team was also able to visit local prisons and fellowship with other pastors in Argentina.

While in Leipzig, the team of 14 stayed at the Jacobstrasse church. Being in a church allowed the team to talk more closely with the congregants and discover each others cultures more.

“While going into the experience with not knowing what to expect, I came out with a completely new understanding of missions and Germany itself,” said senior Kevin Struble, from Vestal, New York, who went to Leipzig. “The food in Germany was amazing.” He cites bratwurst, German bread and German chocolate as some of his favorite delicacies experienced while in Leipzig.

The history department’s trip to Paris and Brussels was in conjunction with Dr. Timothy Saxon’s Recent Europe class, which discussed at length the European Union, which students saw while in Brussels. Students in the class could receive credit for going on the trip, while students who were not taking the class were welcome to go on the trip. While in Paris, the group took in the history of various cathedrals and basilicas, including Notre Dame. They also took a river cruise and went to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

In Brussels, the group toured European Union headquarters, took a tour of a chocolate store and watched a demonstration about how chocolate is made. Part of the group went to Waterloo, where they took the intrepid hike up 264 steps to see the site of the great battle. 

“The EU pulled together the idea of a united Europe for me.  The idea of strength in cooperation,” said Mrs. Gayle Saxon, wife of Timothy Saxon.

The biggest trip by far was the one going to Israel. The group departed from John F. Kennedy airport in New York City, and flew more than 10 hours to arrive in Tel Aviv. The wearied travelers made their way to Jerusalem, Mt. Zion, Nazareth and Jericho, among others. They saw the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean Sea.

While in Israel, more than 50 students were baptized.

Spring break is a time for many to kick back and enjoy time off from school. Whether going home, staying in Lynchburg, or traveling halfway around the world, Liberty’s students made the most out of  their spring break.

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