Oct 27, 2009

VCAR students enhance community, paint concrete wall on Wards Road

by Camille Smith

Rushing water, flowing down a stone mountainside and splashing from boulder to boulder, pours into a reservoir below.  Weaving between sharp cobblestones, it creates a deep blue stream separating the mossy earth embellished with wild flowers of all colors.  This stunning landscape is depicted in a mural that will deliver spring all year long to Wards Road travelers on the long stone wall running between LifeWay Christian Store to Starbucks Coffee Company.

Liberty University Visual Communication Art (VCAR) students have been hard at work on the mural since last year, and are estimating three weeks until the project’s completion, according to Senior Abi Fasciano, a studio art major. 

“We are painting the mural with an impressionistic style,” Fasciano said. 
Fasciano contributed to this effort by working on the mural that she said is a compilation from all the students involved.
Jaimy Jensen, also a senior studio art major at Liberty, has contributed to the mural and is looking forward to showing off the finished product.

“I was actually very nervous at first, because this is a real-world project, and hundreds or even thousands of people will see this on display 24/7,” Jensen said. 

The project, which is commissioned by Liberty, is a way to show Liberty and Lynchburg what the new VCAR degree has to offer.  The VCAR degree has only been available since 2006. The VCAR home page on the Liberty Web site promises to give students practical skills they need to work in the field of studio art or graphic design.  Jensen believes Liberty has made good on that promise.

“Not only is this project going to promote the VCAR program, we can actually use this on our resumes when we graduate and go out to find jobs or go to grad school,” Jensen said.  “I think we’re accomplishing a lot with this piece,” Jensen said.  “We are adding to the wall (and) I like to think that … we’re giving drivers something nice to look at while they wait.”

Jensen hopes some of those drivers will come take a closer look at the mural and appreciate the hard work that she and her classmates have put in thus far.

“I hope that people will not just see us (simply as) Christians, but that they will see that because we are Christians, we strive to do everything better,” Jensen said.

Brianna Walker, another Liberty student who has contributed to the mural, wants to leave a lasting impression on Lynchburg as well.

“I wanted to be a part of the mural because it’s a wonderful opportunity to work on something that will last,” Walker said.  “Also, it’s a good opportunity to get experience working on a mural.  I think it will add color, interest and beauty to the area.”

Fasciano describes the response from locals driving by as very positive.  Even Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. has stopped by to show his support.

“I enjoy the artwork of the VCAR students when I make my daily trip to Starbucks,” Falwell said. “It is one more way that (Liberty) students benefit the local community.”

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