Apr 7, 2009

CFAW: CRAZY for a Weekend

by Emily Defosse

 I drove in to school Friday morning under the impression that it would be like any other day. As soon as I got within view of the campus, however, frustration began to swell within me as I realized it was College for a Weekend (CFAW). I waited as patiently as I could in slow moving traffic. Class started at 11:25.
It was 11:15.

11:20. I finally made it to the parking lot to find every spot filled with church busses, family minivans and the vehicles of fellow commuters who were smart enough to get to campus earlier than I was.

11:25. I circled the parking lot, for what seemed like hours (it was only five minutes). Finally, I spotted a girl in the distance walking towards a car. Like a lion hunting its prey I pounced on the gas pedal and turned the wheel with great determination. I got behind the girl and followed behind her until she arrived at her car and pulled out of her spot. I pulled in before the SUV that just arrived at the scene could steal the spot.

I grabbed my backpack from the passenger seat and began a fast paced walk towards DeMoss. I walked past parents taking pictures of their children drinking from the collegiate water fountain, walking along the collegiate sidewalk and standing next to the collegiate tree.

I finally arrived at my creative writing class, eight minutes late. I walked in prepared to take my seat only to find the small 20-seat classroom overtaken by CFAWers. There were students sitting on the floor and extra chairs had been brought in.

I took a deep breath and let out my frustration. CFAW is a nuisance. Traffic, no parking, no seats in class or convocation and living with high school students who just want to have fun and goof off at three in the morning when you are scrambling to finish a 10-page paper due in the morning.

CFAW is a headache and a pain, but without it thousands of students may have decided to go elsewhere to receive their education. I was a CFAWer once, though it seems like many years ago. I remember knocking on my host’s door at 3 a.m. after a night of excitement while she had been up all night studying like a responsible student.

Today, as students and parents waited in the long check-in line, I walked around to try and figure out what it is that draws so many people to CFAW.

Anushka Bester came from Northern Virginia to discover what life at Liberty is really like as she is enrolled for the fall semester.

Bester knows that Liberty has a unique Christian mission and came to discover first hand how that is lived out on campus.
Students are not the only people checking out Liberty this weekend. Parents and youth leaders have traveled with the students to make sure that Liberty is the kind of place they want to send the students they care about.

Celina Che, a mother from Florida traveled to Liberty with her daughter to attend CFAW.

“So far so good,” Che said. “The volunteers have been friendly and helpful.”

CFAWers and their guests get a great first impression of Liberty when they arrive and hopefully that impression remains throughout the weekend.

It may be frustrating to share our campus with so many live-in guests for a weekend. It is more than just a recruiting tool, however. It is a chance for us as a student body to share the love of Christ with those who may join us one day. If nothing else, it is a great time to take advantage of the extra excitement a CFAW weekend brings.

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