Apr 21, 2009

Dedication Pays: 1-on-1 with Megan Frazee

by Drew Menard

Flames fans have been seeing triple for the last four years as the Frazee triplets – Megan, Molly and Moriah – have anchored the roster of the women’s basketball team.

After three Big South championships and NCAA tournament berths in their four years as Lady Flames, the Frazees are moving on.

I had a chance to sit down with Megan and discuss things past, present and future, as she prepares to shed her red and blue threads for silver and black, and head to San Antonio to play with the Silver Stars.

Megan is not your typical super-star. She does not flaunt her abilities and makes no attempt to hide her faith, which she often refers to even in casual conversation. Megan is easy to talk to and very friendly. In fact, I believe she asked as many questions as I did through the course of the interview.

The 6’3” phenom could have easily opted to play for a more notable university (like Ohio State) but instead chose to stick with her family and her beliefs by playing basketball with her sisters at Liberty.

Though all three triplets shine on the court, Megan shimmers brighter as the leader of the pack. This luminescence reflects the years of hard work and dedication she has given to the game, which she has been playing since the age of two, when she received her first basketball.

“My dad always was a coach, so growing up I found myself on the sidelines a lot at his practices just shooting around (and) dribbling,” she said.

As a child, Megan enjoyed playing sports, while Moriah and Molly played with dolls.

“Growing up (Molly and Moriah) were moreso into Barbies and all of that type of stuff, and I found myself just playing a lot with my (older) brother,” Megan said. “I used to always tag along with him. I’d play baseball, basketball — whatever he was doing. It took (Molly and Moriah) a little longer to get into (basketball).”

Megan’s first team experience was in fourth grade, when she played for the fifth and sixth grade basketball team at her school.
The future “dynamic trio” may not have been possible had it not been for Megan’s encouragement.

“Sometimes I’d come back (from playing basketball) and they’d be practicing cheers or whatever, but I’d be like ‘Come on guys, let’s go shoot,’” Megan said, smiling as she reminisced. “They grew to love (basketball) too but it took them a little bit longer to get into it.”

In fifth grade the triplets made their basketball debut, as Molly and Moriah joined Megan on the team.

The journey from the small town of Xenia, Ohio, to what Megan considers the big town of Lynchburg, Va. is nothing more than “a God thing,” Megan explained.

As a junior in high school, Megan had never even heard of Liberty, but was recruited by Flames Head Coach Carey Green at a basketball tournament in Virginia Beach.

Megan wanted to go to college with her sisters, where the trio could play basketball at the highest level, but they still hoped to find a school that shared their Christian beliefs.

“My parents said, ‘You can go wherever you want, we’re not going to force you to go to a Christian college. I, along with my sisters, decided that if that could work out that we wanted to (attend a Christian college, but) that cuts down a lot of your options basketball-wise,” Megan said.

After learning more about Liberty, Megan recalls the multi-dimensional appeal the university had.

“You have the Christian atmosphere, but you can play at the highest level (and) not all schools have three scholarships open,” she said of Liberty. “It’s really neat to see how the Lord kind of worked everything together and my parents were actually able to move down here and find jobs pretty easily.”

During her four years at Liberty, Megan averaged 18.6 points per game and claimed numerous awards including Big South Conference (BSC) player of the year and BSC tournament MVP awards in both 2008 and 2009.

During her senior year, Megan finished in the top 25 in the nation in both points per game (No.16 at 19.8) and rebounds per game (No. 23 at 9.9). She also is in the Big South Conference 1,000-point-club with 1,875 career points and the 500-rebounds-club with 943.

“It’s been so much fun (playing with my sisters). I have two best friends. I feel like this is where the Lord led all three of us individually,” Megan said.

Once a bouncing two-year-old running on the sidelines with her first basketball, Megan has now become one of the few elite female athletes to be selected in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).

Megan was picked 14th in the WNBA draft on April 9 by the San Antonio Silver Stars, where she will join former Liberty Associate Head Coach Olaf Lange, who is now an assistant coach for San Antonio.

Playing for the Stars is especially meaningful to her.

“All the coaching staff is Christians, which is huge, and a lot of the players are Christians as well,” Megan said as she explained how rare it is to find a Christian atmosphere, in the reputably “secular” realm of professional sports.

“(The Silver Stars are) not the typical ‘cookie-cutter’ team,” she said.

She laughed as she described draft day – how she breathed a sigh of relief as each team announced its pick in the first round.

“San Antonio didn’t have a pick in the first round,” she explained. “I know a lot of people really like to go in the first round. I was just hoping to (go to San Antonio). But all-along I knew the Lord would lead me to the team that he wanted me to go to even if it wasn’t San Antonio.”

It is quite poetic Megan should end up in San Antonio, since her favorite basketball player, David Robinson, played his entire career for the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA.

“(Robinson) was a phenomenal basketball player, but also (I admire) his character off the court,” Megan said. She hopes to emulate his balance of basketball greatness and Christian character – both of which Megan displays undoubtedly.

Megan’s heroes, however, are her family – her parents and siblings who support her and have given her a strong foundation in Christian principles.

She is also grateful to have spent her college years in a Christian environment.

“Liberty has prepared me to go out into this next phase of my life. It’s helped me to be more confident in my faith,” Megan said.

Training camp begins May 17 and Megan is rigorously preparing. While her teammates are enjoying the off-season regiment (lighter training than usual), Megan trains at least three hours a day to prepare for her assimilation into a professional career.
She plans to arrive in San Antonio early, around May 4, in order to get an early start working with her new teammates.

Megan and as her two sisters are sure to leave more than a few tear-stained guitars behind at Liberty’s campus (for those of you who attended Coffeehouse), but miles cannot separate the mighty trio nor can time steal the memories that are sure to be passed along for generations to come.

“It’s kind of unbelievable to me coming from Xenia then to Liberty,” Megan said. “I am excited, definitely excited to see where the next step goes.”

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