Jan 29, 2008

What's your flavor?

by Drew Menard

Liberty Dining has gone to great lengths to provide an array of convenient dining choices while giving students a voice in determining what and when they eat. Doug Pugh, Director of Retail Operations, oversees all on-campus dining locations excluding the Reber Thomas Dining Hall. Some of his branches include Jazzman’s, the Keyhole, the Hangar, Sub Connection, East Side Market and Café a la Cart. He works with Sodexho to develop menus for each eatery from the company’s collection of recipes. According to Pugh, many of the options are determined through student feedback. Comprehensive performance overviews are administered annually. Surveys are conducted online or at the various branches giving students the ability to voice their dining preferences and evaluate the service they have received. “We would love to get more students’ feedback,” Pugh said. Liz VanWingerden, Resident Marketing Manager, is also enthusiastic to get more students involved. She wants them to become more aware of the dining Web page, www.libertydining.net, and to ask questions and leave comments on the site. “We do have ways (to get the students involved). We want them to take advantage (of the Web page),” VanWingerden said.

As new venues are being introduced, VanWingerden is using MySpace, Facebook and the Liberty splash page to spread the word on upcoming dining developments, including the new Doc’s Diner on Campus East. “We are recruiting the help of students to name new items we are having,” VanWingerden said. The Web site, www.libertydining.net, provides students with the opportunity to discover new places to eat on campus as well as listing new menu items. Students are also able to leave feedback and make requests. Comments “don’t go unheard,” VanWingerden said. Pugh made it clear that Liberty Dining is dedicated to providing students with the quality and variety they desire. "We don’t want to compromise customer service,” Pugh said. “Our priority is customer satisfaction.”

Senior Tiffany Mason said she would like to see more dining options “conducive for people who sleep in on Saturday.” In the past, academic locations such as the Hangar and Sub Connection have tried to remain open on Saturdays. Unfortunately, they have not done well financially, costing more to stay open than they were making in business. “(Convenience) stores do good on the weekends,” Pugh said, “and Founder’s (Food Court) is committed to being open on weekends.” Although not every location on campus is able to remain open all of the time, there are always plenty of options for students to decide what and where they would like to eat. Liberty Dining has a leadership team that is committed to hearing the voice of the students and providing them with the best service available. “I have seen a lot more dining opportunities (since I first came to Liberty),” senior Anthony Barone said. “On East and North — all over campus — there is so much more.” With new dining venues soon to come, Liberty students are sure to appreciate the broad selection of great food, right on campus.

Contact Drew Menard at ajmenard@liberty.edu.

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