Nov 18, 2008

In-house scholarship available to students

by Danielle Jacobs

The endowment scholarship application process began November 3, 2008 and the deadline date to apply is December 12, 2008. Applications for this scholarship are located in the student service center in the North Campus building.

Students are encouraged to apply before leaving for the Winter break. Students are required to complete only one application.

Endowment scholarships are only available to resident students.

For students to be eligible, they must be a full-time student, demonstrate financial need, have an acceptable grade point average and have received no disciplinary action. They also must have paid all previous financial balances on their account.

New in-coming students that include freshman, transfer students and re-admitted students are not eligible for this scholarship until they have completed one full semester at Liberty. International students are not eligible until they have attended Liberty for one year and have met the requirements. Additional requirements are listed on the Financial Aid Web page.

The endowment committee reviews the applications and makes the final recommendation. Students will receive a written notification once a decision has been made.

The scholarship is awarded for two semesters at a time. Students do not need to reapply in the spring semester if they received an award for both semesters.

For more information on the endowment scholarship or for financial aid information, visit the Financial Aid Web site at


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