Dec 2, 2008

A "Bah humbug" to Christmas

by Josh Swanson

Another season of gift-giving is almost upon us yet again. Faith in an obese, chimney-descending, reindeer-mushing, red-suit-wearing man makes little children leave milk and cookies out as a “thank you” for the gifts to be delivered. I, like Scrooge and the green Grinch, say, “Bah humbug” to Christmas.

Christmas does not feel like a family holiday anymore. It feels so commercialized I cannot help but think that I am living in some sort of cheery twilight zone. Take a moment and think about it — advertisements for just about everything increase as Christmas approaches. The message I get from all the commercials is, “They won’t be happy unless they have this,” “Impress her with something beautiful,” or “Let him go buy that 72-inch-flatscreen TV.”

Take a second, step back and catch your breath. Money and possessions are not everything. The Birth of Jesus Christ is the main point for the celebration of Christmas.

We should, appreciate others and go out of our way to help under privileged people. That is the way the holiday should work, and until the advent of TV and radio, Christmas just was not about getting “stuff.”

I know people that love to give gifts and they actually feel bad when they get gifts. If only the world could feel that way at times. Other people are so focused on gift getting or making their families happy that credit card companies will soon be calling their homes for payments.

At the moment, the United States economy is in shambles, and I have no idea when it will get fixed. Do people really have to go out and buy something at a store to make others happy? For centuries carpenters, blacksmiths and other artisans were essential for people to get what they needed. These people used their hands to craft things.

Go out and make something for the people you love and care about. Take the time to craft it, pour yourself into it, and the person you give it to should be touched by it. Most people do not get gifts like that anymore, and it should surprise just about anyone. 

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Christ worked as a carpenter, and maybe people should take that into consideration when it comes to giving gifts for the holidays.


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