Apr 20, 2010

Letters to the editor: Values Voter

by James Kimmey

The City Council candidates recently attended a debate at Lynchburg College where they battled over issues ranging from job growth to education. One of the questions open to all candidates was whether or not intelligent design should be taught in public school science classes. I wasn’t expecting much from the liberal Democrats posed as Independents like Mayor Foster, Randy Nelson, or J.P. Vaughn, but all three of the Republican candidates neglected to answer the question fully. The only candidate who addressed the question was Independent Liberty Student, Brent Robertson. He said, “I see no scientific proof that evolution should reign supreme in classrooms”, and further added that he knew in a crowd of Lynchburg College students, he would “not be too popular in [that] room.”

Not only did Robertson stand up for what he believed in, but he did it in the most uncomfortable situation, where immediately after he answered the question, people murmured and displayed their disapproval by his answer. All the while, the Republican candidates stood silent.

There is no doubt in my mind and in the mind of our student body that this May 4 election is vitally important not only for Liberty, but for the community as a whole. I encourage you to look at all the candidates and not to vote according to party line, but vote according to your values. At Liberty we are taught that if it’s Christian, then it ought to be better. I congratulate Mr. Robertson for standing up for faith and values despite how unpopular it may have been, and I hope on May 4 we will go out and vote according to our values, not party.

James Kimmey
Liberty 2010

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