Feb 5, 2008

Quiz Bowl: LU wins for third consecutive year

by Kirsten Filiberto
Liberty University took home the Big South Quiz Bowl Championship for the third time this weekend. Team co-captain Zach Curtis has been on the team since Liberty first started competing. Other team members include co-captain Kelly Hamren, Nicholas Orta, Robert Mullis and Sarah Davis-Leonard. Curtis described the Quiz Bowl as “the varsity sport of the mind.” Each team consists of four players who are asked questions pertaining to various subjects such as current events, sports, the arts, math, literature, science and history. Questions are asked within the context of two, eight-minute halves. A toss-up question begins the rounds, with the first correct answer winning the team a series of individual bonus questions unavailable to the other team. Each bonus question is worth ten points, while a wrong answer penalizes a team five points. All participating schools play each other, and the teams with the most total wins is awarded first place honors. The University of North Carolina at Asheville and Radford University tied for fourth place, while Virginia Military Institute (VMI), Gardner-Webb University (GW) and Liberty tied for first place. The first place tie was broken after representatives from each school decided to total the amount of points each team had scored against each other. Typical tie situations are settled by the team who won during a round played by those two teams. However, VMI, GW and LU each had a win against each other. After totaling the quality amount of points for each school, GW was third with a total of 220 points, VMI was second with a total of 290 points and Liberty was first with a total of 350 points. Liberty’s team is now headed to regionals at Virginia Tech, Feb. 22-23. In 2006 Liberty won first place with a perfect score by winning all eight rounds. In 2007, Liberty again won and lost only one round. More information about the Quiz Bowl team can be found by contacting Dr. Emily Heady or Dr. James Nutter. Contact Kirsten Filiberto at kjfiliberto@liberty.edu
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