Apr 28, 2009

Give away unused school supplies to help needy children

by Mandi Forth

Liberty University is continuing to encourage students to recycle. With the year coming to an end and the dorms being cleaned out, Liberty has called upon everyone, including students, faculty and staff, to help with the effort.

The collection and processing of all recycled material involves four different departments at Liberty. The facilities department, the grounds department, the transportation department and the Office of Student Leadership (OSL) all work together in the effort to keep the earth clean. With Recyclemania’s end on March 28, many of the recycling efforts may have been forgotten. However, the efforts were not in vain. Liberty managed to recycle 511.88 pounds of materials during the 2008-2009 school year.

“Although the recycling efforts have died down with the semester’s nearing end, the impact from it will still be significant,” Conservation Advocate for East 27 Michael Brown said.

Liberty is trying to encourage students to recycle belongings they no longer want. OSL is trying to encourage students to donate the items they do not want instead of throwing them away.

“I would like to commend the RAs and all those who have gotten behind the recycling efforts in the dorms, including the

Office of Student Leadership. I would also like to encourage commuters, faculty and staff to use the recycling bins provided all over campus for paper and plastic bottles over the summer. Recycling is a year-round effort at Liberty. For returning students, collection boxes will be placed in the dorms both semesters next year. Please remember to recycle your boxes when you unpack next fall,” Facilities Assistant Manager Sheri Pruitt said.

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