Oct 14, 2008

Pickens’ plan to energize America now

by Tom Purky

A broad majority of people agrees that the U.S. needs energy independence. With crippling gas prices at the pump, the only alternative is to buy a fuel-efficient hybrid or convert your engine to run on vegetable oil. It seems politicians are content with twiddling their thumbs while in the meantime, innovative ideas are forced to sit on the sidelines.

T. Boone Pickens, an expert on energy independence, said, “In 1970, we imported 24 percent of our oil. Today it’s nearly 70 percent and growing.” Pickens states that the amount spent on foreign oil imports this year alone is more than four times the amount the U.S. is paying for the war in Iraq. The numbers are staggering.

While the United States needs oil to keep its economy running, it is simultaneously stabbing itself in the back. Foreign countries like Iran and Syria, who are listed as threats to the U.S., are becoming wealthy because the United States is consuming oil at a record pace. Over half of Syria and Iran’s economy is composed of oil industries.

Also, the importation of oil is only increasing on a yearly basis. With the broad scope of America’s national security in mind, the United States does not need the threat of a foreign country stopping oil exports if it does not agree with a U.S. foreign policy proposal. In his energy plan, Pickens lays out a proposal to start wind farms, solar farms, natural gas development and much more.

With a free market system like that of the United States, an opportunity to make a profit will open these market opportunities and result in an upturn for the economy. Thousands of jobs will result from the construction of new energy-harvesting methods. The threat of an economic downturn caused by foreign countries will decrease. Foreign nations will not be able to raise or lower energy prices at their discretion.

If the U.S. wants to remain a leading nation in the world today then something must be done about the energy crisis.

The only way to change America is to be proactive about the issues. America’s complacent leadership is holding it back. Pickens explains that in 10 years much can be accomplished to get America on the path of self-sufficiency. Without a plan or the right leadership, the $700 billion that went to foreign countries for energy can transform in 10 years to $7 trillion. The plan is there, it is only up to us to decide where America will go from here.


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