Nov 13, 2007

Student-initiated prayer meetings grow

by Daniel Martinez

    Liberty students seeking extra opportunities to deepen their relationships with Christ now have plenty of chances as student-led prayer groups and church services are multiplying across campus.
    Senior Brett Hammans, who has been instrumental in this movement, said, “If we are serious about seeing God’s will being done, and we believe what the Bible says about prayer, then we need to make prayer a priority in how we use our time and energy.”
    Students were given encouraging insight into the importance of prayer by Pastor Rob Turner, who spoke in Convocation on Monday, Nov. 5.
    Turner left students with this message: “Who you are is your prayer life.”
    Every Liberty student has access to a number of church services each week, such as Campus Church on Wednesday nights and    Sunday mornings, multiple TRBC services on Sundays, and Convocation three times a week, not to mention prayer groups on Tuesday nights.
    Students looking for more prayer and fellowship, however, can try any of these groups: Dorm Church, Glow Stick and the Lynchburg Prayer Network.
    “The leadership on Dorm 7-1 and Dorm 28-2 wanted to start a service on Sunday nights that was led by college students,” said senior Parker Jones, an RA from 7-1. 
    From the beginning of the semester students from 7-1 and 28-2 have been gathering each Sunday night in DeMoss Hall 1114 at 7:15 for a dorm-led time of worship and prayer.
    Although started by 7-1 and 28-2, any student is welcome to attend.
    Discussions include topics such as handling pain in the Christian life, living blameless before God and living in godliness.
    These services also feature worship and a time of gathering and prayer.
    A unique student prayer service called Glow Stick, which derives its name from the admonition of Matthew 5:14 – “You are the light of the world” – is also held on Sunday nights. Glow Stick lasts from 10:30-11:30 p.m. and is held on the Prayer Chapel lawn.
    The Glow Stick Prayer Service Facebook page reads, “We’re begging God to break us, break our campus, break the surrounding areas and ultimately sweep across this nation.” 
    Led by Liberty students, Glow Stick encourages corporate and private prayer along with times of worship or a brief message.    Different themes are chosen for various Sunday nights, such as choosing one person to pray for throughout the week or praying for God to work in a specific way in one’s life.
    Various students can be seen wearing actual glow sticks around campus, both as a reminder to pray and to further promote the prayer service.
    As the group’s description on Facebook says, “We don’t need to ask God to move.  He is moving, and He has been moving this whole time.  We need to move!”
    Similarly, the Lynchburg Prayer Network is an organization that is designed, according to Hammans, to unite Christians to pray for various needs. The network contains new groups started by students to pray for specific needs, such as the persecuted church, child trafficking victims and even certain regions of the world, like the Middle East.  Heads of the Prayer Network are open to new suggestions.
    “Anyone interested in starting a group for something else can contact me, and we will try to help them get it rolling,” Hammans said.
    The Middle East prayer group meets every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at the pillars of DeMoss Hall, and a group praying for Africa meets at the same place Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. 
    When asked if he would recommend that students attend these various meetings, Hammans said, “Definitely.  God has given different pieces of His heart to us, and we need to join together and pray for the things God cares for.”

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