Apr 4, 2006

Selah yearbook wins second award

by Kari Mitchell
The 2004-05 Selah Yearbook has won its second award. The publication was first honored with the Award of Excellence by Taylor Publishing and now has received the Apple Award by the National College Media Spring Convention.

“Our publication has made great strides in just a few short years — coming from no yearbook at all in 2000 to an award-winning publication for our 2004-05 book,” said Carrie Barnhouse, Selah advisor, who remembers throwing a yearbook together in 2001 just to get the program started.

Barnhouse and two student editors attended this year’s College Media Advisers convention held in New York City March 15-18 where they were named the recipient of the award for last year’s book. Hundreds of both secular and Christian colleges were competing for this Best in Print award (for yearbooks 304 pages or less).  

“We all feel this year’s book is even better than last year’s,” said Barnhouse. “We are continually working to make this a historical reference and record book for our campus, and keeping it competitive with other universities across the country.”

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