Apr 21, 2009

Student receives exclusive Gilder Lehman Institute Scholar award

by Amanda Thomason

After a lot of hard work and dedication, one student in the history department received the honor of being named a Gilder Lehrman Institute Scholar.

After her three years of perseverance at Liberty working fiercely toward her academic and career goals, junior Brandi Hatfield received this honor and the opportunity to continue working toward her career dreams.

Hatfield and 49 other potential scholars were selected to receive this award out of 240 applicants from all over the country. With this honor, the winner will travel to New York City in June to spend a week immersing themselves in history, according to Dr. David Snead, the history department chair.

The focus of this year’s program is Abraham Lincoln. Hatfield will spend her time studying the former president and attending lectures given by noted historians such as Catherine Clinton, Eric Foner and James McPherson. Various historical archives will also be at her disposal, including Civil War era sites, the New York Historical Society and the New York Public Library.

“I am most excited about the opportunity for interaction with both aspiring and established scholars in my field,” Hatfield said. “I will also enjoy learning alongside fellow history students about the vast archives available for us to study.”

Hatfield hopes to attend graduate school to receive her master’s degree in early American history with a long-term goal of teaching history. She also has a passion for research and writing, as well as an interest in working with public history at a museum or archive.

Contact Amanda Thomason at ahthomason@liberty.edu.


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