Apr 28, 2009

Hosting the last horrah

by Camille Smith

It is the time of year when graduating seniors will walk down the halls of Liberty University for the last time. They will take their last undergraduate final exams and fight for their last on-campus parking spot, completing years of hard work and determination. The Falwell family has decided that they deserve one last hurrah, and on May 2, they will get it at the second annual Senior Picnic.

Last year, the Student Activities department came up with the picnic as a way to give seniors a proper send-off. This idea, paired with the Falwells’ desire to open up the Falwell farm and spend some time with the students, gave birth to an evening of food, fun and fellowship, according to Associate Director of Student Activities Alese Chandler.

“Seniors deserve an end of the year function … they have had senioritis for so long, and now it is over,” Chandler said.

“There is always a time to celebrate.”

The picnic last year was a success. While the Student Activities department learned from the glitches, many activities at the picnic were a hit and will be held again this year

“You learn more of what to do and what not to do. We’re adjusting a few plans to make it better,” Chandler said.

Liberty would like to see this become a tradition, and while this year’s festivities will only be the second attempt, there are great expectations for the senior picnic to become an annual event for future seniors to look forward to.

For this year’s picnic, the Falwell’s farm will be transformed into a Hawaiian getaway. The luau theme has created excitement and anticipation among the seniors who are planning to attend.

According to Chandler, there is a lot to be excited about — swimming, fishing, sports and a bonfire. While there will be a lot going on, it is expected to be very casual and laid back. Chancellor Falwell and his wife will be hosting, and want a chance to fellowship with parting students before they bid the seniors farewell. In addition to luau festivities, the location will create a breath-taking backdrop for the evening.

Senior Ray Jones, who has spent a particularly grueling semester volunteering, studying and participating in Liberty and community events, is looking forward to the senior gathering.

“Well now that I know it exists, I think I will go,” Jones said, and passed the news on to senior Seth Crawford. That makes two more seniors on the guest list, and still more to come as word spreads throughout the campus.


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