Mar 24, 2009

Stamp down litter in Lynchburg

by Emily Defosse, Life! Reporter

 Members of the community are encouraged to come out for the March on Litter on Saturday, March 28. Participants will meet at the Lynchburg Community Market at 9 a.m. for a day of “just clean fun,” according to

Eleven years ago, the March on Litter began in Lynchburg, Va. The March on Litter is a tangible way that students and faculty at Liberty and members of the surrounding community can participate in taking care of the earth.

Ken Smith is the executive coordinator for Citizens for a Clean Lynchburg, Inc., which partners with the City of Lynchburg’s Waste Management Division to organize the event. Smith has a passion for preserving the environment and encouraging people to take on the challenge of taking care of the earth.

“We cannot destroy our world while providing for our ourselves and our families,” Smith said.

This year, many locations are on the docket to be cleaned, including the Concord Turnpike at Percival’s Island. The day before the march, a group of students from Heritage High School led by Kelly Beckham will be cleaning the streets that parallel the school, Leesville Road and Wards Ferry Road.

Students from Liberty and other local universities are already planning to participate.

Liberty student Rachel Abbott found out about the March on Litter in an online search for non-profit organizations in Lynchburg.

“I am participating as an individual because I believe that Christ intends for His followers to enhance the community they are a part of, to serve it in something even as humble as picking up trash. I wanted to encourage students to be involved,” Abbot said

Melanie Glissman is a student at Lynchburg College who plans to participate in the March on Litter.

“I am very environmentally conscious and love to do whatever possible to clean up the earth and maintain its beauty,” Glissman said.
Glissman heard about the March on Litter through an email that was sent out to the entire student body.

Rebekah Nortion, a Liberty DLP student, saw the event on the Splash page.

“I am participating because I see this as an awesome opportunity to make a difference in our community by giving something back,” Norton said. “I believe that as Christians we are called to be good stewards, and that includes helping to take care of this planet. It is also a great opportunity to build relationships with new people in a very diverse manner.”

Participants will be provided with bags, litter getters, gloves and safety vests. Everyone will also be given a T-shirt commemorating the event and reusable shopping bags donated by Wal-Mart. Volunteers will be given refreshments and a chance to win several different prizes.

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