Feb 6, 2007

LU alum gets 'cheesy' for Super bowl

by Victoria Friedrich

If you watched the Super Bowl on Sunday night, then chances are you saw the Doritos commercial at the beginning of the game. The commercial was the winner of the Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. Beating out four other finalists, “Live the Flavor” creatively used the Doritos bag as a car airbag.

The male actor in the commercial is Nick Dimondi, a Liberty alum who graduated in 2006.
The commercial was a collaborative effort by the brains behind “5 Point Productions” based out of Cary, N.C.

Dimondi, Weston Phillips, Dale Backus, Cori Backus — the female star of the commercial — and Barrett Phillips found out about the contest just days before the deadline.

They spent hours brainstorming before coming up with final concept for the commercial.

Once they had the idea, a script was written and it was time to shoot the commercial. Their budget? $12.79, the cost of four bags of Doritos.

Dimondi explained how they came up with the rest of the equipment needed. “Our company already had the equipment for more than a year, and we were just resourceful for getting all the other things we needed,” he said.

”We used all our own cars for the shots, borrowed a fog machine and Dale was on his rollerblades for the along-side shots of me.”

The result was more than any of these young hopefuls could have imagined.

After making it to the final five commercial finalists, the team was brought to Miami, Florida to meet with their competition.

“We met all the finalists and had a blast,” Dimondi said. “They are all cool people and a fun group to talk to and get to know.”

Dimondi says they knew their biggest competition was “Check Out Girl” which also aired during the Super Bowl. The commercial was produced by a team in Hollywood who had access to tremendous resources compared to Dimondi and his team.

The future seems bright for these young talents and their production company. Dimondi explained a little about their future plans.

“The future is something that is fast approaching and we are doing our best to make sense of it,” he said.

“We can see ourselves doing a myriad of things, from TV commercials to TV shows to movies….There are lots of possibilities.”

If you missed the commercial or just want to see it again, log onto www.crashthesuperbowl.com. Want to find out more about the team’s production company? Log onto their Web site at www.5pointproductions.com.

Contact Victoria Friedrich at vlfried-rich@liberty.edu.
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