Apr 25, 2006

Summer camp at Liberty

by Jeremy Wicks
This summer Liberty University will be hosting a summer school for current students and a variety of camps for high school students. 

“We have so many diverse camps,” said Kenny Rowlette, the director of summer operations since 2003. The summer camp activities will include basketball, soccer, baseball, debate, drama and many others. All camps are designed primarily to promote Liberty University and to recruit new students.

“They look at the campus, they experience the campus, and of course there (are) some residual effects,” said Rowlette.

The university will act mostly as a housing unit, providing beds, meals and facilities in which the camps can run their programs.

The exception to this is the sports camps which are run by university athletes, Early Genesis Orientation and the Young Champions Camp.

The size of the camps that use the university’s grounds range from 60 to 2,500 campers, who will be housed everywhere but Campus East.

The Young Champions Camp is designed let 10th, 11th and 12th graders get their feet wet and experience college life on Liberty University’s campus. Students have the opportunity to choose from several different majors and electives imitating actual college life. This camp will only be running during the week of July 17-21. Liberty University students can get involved in this camp by contacting Kenny Rowlette at kgrowlet@liberty.edu.

Early Genesis Orientation is a program that allows freshmen and transfer students to take some of the pressure off their first week of school by finishing financial aid and class registration early.

Liberty used to be quiet during the summer, but now it is an exciting place full of action,” said Rowlette.

As for summer school, the deadline for registration is not over yet, so if students are still interested in taking some classes over this summer they can sign up by contacting the Liberty registrar’s office

Contact Jeremy Wicks at jwicks@liberty.edu.

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