Apr 11, 2006

LU’s Californian star

by Amy Field

Dawn Jeffs stands out on Liberty’s softball team as a leader and a star player. She has started all of Liberty’s 29 games as second baseman.

She transferred from Biola University as a junior in the fall of 2005. This season, her records boast a batting average of .413, ranking her second on the team, with 24 runs scored. 

Jeffs is one of the most reliable, solid defensive second baseman Liberty has ever seen, going 20 games before her first error of the year. Her record of 11 doubles leads the team, and she is well on her way to breaking Shannon Tanski’s 1996 school record of 21 doubles in a season. 

“I’ve been confident in my hitting — if I get out, I don’t get too mad, just knowing there are so many more chances you get in a game,” Jeffs said. 

Something that she knows she could work on are “ground balls hit directly to me. I don’t know why, but I just get a little jumpy. I don’t mind them anywhere else — just right to me. I could work on that for sure.” 

Growing up in Roseville, Calif., just north of Sacramento, Jeffs’ parents had her involved with sports at an early age. She started playing softball at the age of six. She played many other sports, like tennis, volleyball and basketball. However, softball won Jeffs’ favor over all in the end. Her enjoyment of the game and perhaps much of her talent comes from her mother, who played the sport when she was younger. 

“My mom played softball all growing up and then in college,” Jeffs said. The role model and encouragement from her mom greatly influenced Jeffs’s love for the sport. 

“My mom always told me ‘You know, if you strike out don’t worry about it. It’s probably going to happen again, so just keep playing.’” 

Before her decision to follow Christ, Jeffs had been looking into secular universities, but afterwards she changed her mind. 

“I became a Christian in the middle of my sophomore year in high school,” Jeffs said. “I decided that it would be better for me, a new Christian, to go to a Christian school. And I loved it. I loved Biola.”
After playing for Biola for two years, Jeffs made the decision to transfer to Liberty to be with her husband, Brendan. 

“We talked to the coach (Paul Wetmore) and he was interested, so I came out to play softball,” Jeffs said. “It was definitely God’s plan that they needed a second baseman.” 

Jeffs is looking forward to the string of home games the Flames will host, especially because of her fans who mean the most to her. 

“My husband can come watch now and my parents are flying in this week to watch,” Jeffs said.
Pursuing a degree in social sciences, Jeffs is looking forward to graduating and moving back to California in a few years. Her plans with softball, however, look like they will be slowing down. 

“Competitively, I’ll be done. It’s a fun sport, but after college, I’ll stick to slow-pitch and be done.”

Contact Amy Field at afield@liberty.edu.

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