Dec 2, 2008

Students rock, rhyme and roll at Christmas Coffeehouse tryouts

by Anthony Barone

Every fall in Lynchburg, Va., the weather gets colder, it seems like it will snow but decides not to, students are anticipating finals and Liberty is preparing to calm anxious hearts for one night with Christmas Coffeehouse.

Since it only comes around once a year, Student Activities tries to provide a mix of the best talent on campus. The best of the best are selected through tryouts, which were held Tilley Student Center on North Campus.

Tryouts allowed students to test their abilities and reach for the stars with their ambitions through song, dance and comedy by performing in front of a panel of judges. The goal? To perform in the Vines Center on Dec. 5.

Judges evaluated the artists throughout the week and selected 18 acts from the mix.

Although not everyone who tries out makes the cut, many people were pumped about showing off their skills.

“We’re just doing it for fun,” sophomore Joe Johnson said, referring to his beat-boxing crew, The Peace Makers.

The Peace Makers have performed in the previous two Coffeehouses, and Johnson seemed confident they would return to the stage.

Other acts included “Next 10 Minutes,” a musical theater piece by freshman Cierra Howell and junior Garrett Van Engen, and “Your Love is Extravagant,” a duet by freshmen Ana Dean and Amber Bennett. Student Sarah Turner even dedicated her original song,“Your Love is like a Sunrise,” to her ex-boyfriend. Guitar soloists, rappers, dance teams and a monologue completed the lineup of Coffeehouse hopefuls.

“We have a good mix,” said Judge Amanda Jacobsen.

Although the theme is centered around Christmas, the event allows for a variety of music choices that demonstrate different influences at Liberty. It emphasizes Christmas, but also gives artists the opportunity to do something outside the box.

Regardless of style, each artist put a lot of time and effort into their performance and hopes to make it to the stage.

Junior and Judge Megan Colussy said that it was a good year for tryouts because of the level of variety.

“It should be good,” Colussy said. 

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